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 What's a good home remedy to soothe an irritated throat?
I threw up for a few hours this morning, and I barely ate anything yesterday, so this may be too much info, but its relevant...it was all like acid, so it really burned my throat. Don't know ...

 What could be the reason why I'm always so cold?
I live in Canada for one thing. The winters are very cold about -24--40c, but in the summer when its +30c I'm still freezing. I don't understand. Am I lacking vitamins. I do eat healthy ...

 My "friend" takes extacy about 10-20 times a week, what is the side effects?

Additional Details
The other day this same friend was at a house with me and was walking outside in the cold for hours and we found ...

 ADD/ADHD natural remedies... what to buy?
I posted yesterday about my bf having ADHD but with a bit more research I found that he has both innatentive and hyperactive symptoms.

It took a lot of convincing but he's willing to ...

 Chirpractors: Yes or No?
I have some ongoing 'disc in neck' problems but I'm really really cynical about chiropractors....1 bad experience and lots of horror stories...I have to do something soon though. I ...

 What's the best multi - vitamins?
i'm looking for a multi - vitamin that has a lot of biotin but still has the essesntial vitamins in it....

 Emergency constipation relief? Fast acting laxative remedy?
Embarrassing topic #1

Hi all, I've been on a pre holiday diet and off on a long flight to go treckking early .tomorrow morning. Unfortunately my diet had left me a bit "bunged up&...

 What shoud i eat to stop my face from turning pale?
i've been turning pale for about a month
what should i eat to look more ...

 Kalms Sleep tablets?
1) Are they any good
2) Will they affect my anti-coagulants (Warfarin)
3) Are they safe to take if I've had a drink that ...

 Do you think getting a massage is important?
I am a massage therapist and i know how significant the benefit of massage is, but some people won't seem to get it....

 Which is better for you to drink. gren tea or gatorade?

 What are some ways ,without taking any medicines, that can increase the height of a person?

 The organ has to be 55oz. whats the body's heavist organ?

 Is it possible to heal a sinus infection without antibiotics?

Additional Details
I've found many nasal sprays that alleviate the problem for a day or so, but it always comes back....

 Im a boy of 17 yrs old & want 2 increase my height, which is 5'6 inchs waht is the solution 2 inrcrease height

 What help stomach aches??
i have a really bad one cuz i had starbucks today and im lactose intolerent.... and yeah i have no medicine for this... so yeah plz HELP!!...

 Is there really a way for a short dude like me to gain some height?
Is there really a way for a short dude like me to gain some height? im 19 and im just 5 ft tall... so yea im wondering if there are any excercises, medicines or anything that could possibly make me ...

 Any at home remedies for an allergic reaction?
i have tried allergy pills and benedryl, can't get rid of small, red, itchy bumps on back and chest....

 How dangerous is it to stop taking medication for cholesterol and triglycerides? Is there anything otc to sub?

 Does smoking marijuana damage your short term memory and reaction time permanently or temporarily?
if it damages it temporarily, how long will it take to improve your memory and reaction time again?...

What is the most over-the-counter drug used to get high?
Or over the counter drug used to over dose?? And dont leave stupid comments im not trying to get high or over dose.
Additional Details
Its for a research paper I have to see what people think it is,then look it up and state what the most common one really is and facts about it.

What ARE you trying to do? If it's research for a

school paper, you should say that.

gia b
I think it would be aseudophedamine.It is what is made to make crystal meth-i know it is in seudofed .I probably have the name messed up.Just curious, why do you want to know?

i've heard of people using cough medicine but i don't know how well that would work if it's otc.

DXM, it is found in cough syrups...it is an ingrediate in cough Syrup (it's a bigger word though) people drink bottles of cough Syrup to get high off of it..it gives people an out of body experience. go on google and type in DXM and you will find tons of stuff on it.

♥ LysoL
Probably Niquil



Kelly H
coraceden cough and cold (I hope I spelled that right)

cough syrup?

The ingredients in OTC cold medications seem the most sought after. There are several that can cause a 'high' such as Dextramathorphan Hydrobromide and Phenylephrine.
There are a LOT of products though. Dristan, Contac C, Drixoral. Benylin C & F, Tylenol C & F, Neo Citran, Nyquil, and especially cough syrups such as Benylin and Robitussin.
Don't forget as well that the pharmacist keeps 222's and even generic brand painkillers behind the counter that contain the narcotic, Codeine, in the amount of 8mg per tablet. Four of them are equal to a Tylenol #3.
There are also certain pain medications, such as Robaxicet, that have quite the numbing effect on people as well.
And we can't forget certain vitamin supplement liquids, such as Maltevol, which have 14% sherry alcohol in them.
I know from my own research that it isn't always the OTC drugs in a pharmacy that people seek out for a 'buzz'. There's Aqua Velva, Skin Bracer, and even Lysol Sprays that places sell of which certain individuals partake in for a "high".
It's truly sad isn't it?
I hope my information is helpful to you.

Minced parsley

punky brewster
caffeine pills...but here's to hoping you aren't using...cuz that's a bad idea all around

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