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What is the full form of SOS ?

Jeffery M
Save our ship, cargo ships from england use to send up flags with sos on them after being atacked by pirates.

actually i hate to tell you this, but all of them are wrong! it is origianlly french and started in the mid 1800s, it stands for S'il vous plais, O' Secour. If propely translated into english, the acronime would not be SOS but rather P.O.H.U. Please Oh Help Us! I guess that a history degree helps in this case!

I wonder about that too I just knew it meant help but thanks to the first girl on the top now I know.THANX

party boy
either Save Our Soals
or Save Our Ship

naveen.v. s
Save Our Souls .

Even this you dont know. its too silly.

Someone Out there, Save me!!!

in online terms.. SOS - Someone Over Shoulder ...

SOS, code letters of the international distress signal. The signal is expressed in International Morse code as … — — — … (three dots, three dashes, three dots). This combination was established by the International Radiotelegraphic Convention at Berlin in 1906. The letters (SOS) do not refer to any words but were selected because they are easy to transmit. The use of Morse code for sending distress calls is now superseded by automated systems using satellite relay; the U.S. Coast Guard no longer monitors Morse code transmissions. The distress code by radiotelephony is MAY DAY, which corresponds to the French "m'aider." The signal NC, not followed by a message, also has the same meaning.


The apparently well-known SOS distress call is not quite what it seems. Fancifully represented as

'Save Our Souls'

it is a procedural signal, and the three dots - three dashes - three dots are sent as a single signal without the gaps in Morse code.

Single Operation System. This system simplifies emergency procedures by combining the functions of the cut away and reserve handles in a single handle.

Contrary to popular notion, the letters SOS do not stand for "Save Our Ship" or "Save Our Souls". They were selected to indicate a distress because, in Morse code, these letters and their combination create an unmistakeable sound pattern.

save our soul.....this message was used by sinking ships as a cry for help.

I believe it's "Save our ship."

Save our souls

SOS mean as per requirement or as per need in Doctor Prescription Doctor is always using that SOS is in Unani Language

save our souls you ever played the game worms its always on that

Save Our Souls
Same Ole Sh*t - Basquiat

Save Our Souls

systematic obnoxious slurping

Save Our Souls

Save Our Ship


It's basically a way to say HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!

In popular usage, SOS became associated with phrases such as "Save Our Souls", "Save Our Ship", and "Send Out Sailors". However, these phrases were a later development, most likely used to help remember the correct letters — something known as a backronym.

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