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What is the best way to naturally relieve aching muscles in the neck and back without massage/chiropractor??

Steve R
Take a bath.

organization of god
don't worry i am a doctor and a dam good oneat that you have ominously back problems if you do ominously mosv your hands in a two long up and down it well relief pane from your back it is the best medical eviss i can give rite now . it is rather then the other options you have or join the.ominously back organization

Whenever I'm just aching all over, I run a nice hot bath and maybe even put some bath salts in there. Aveeno actually makes a product that you pour under running water, kind of like bubble bath, but it doesn't bubble. It soothes and relaxes your muscles. 30+ minutes just laying in the bath listening to music does wonders for my achy muscles.


take a good hot bath/shower to relax your muscles.
then i would suggest putting a heating pad on your back that should help

Definately not to much heat! Heat makes you inflamed and makes it worse. Alternate between a little heat, and ice. I have been know to walk around with BenGay patches on. They help alot. Just don't sleep with it on. It has the same reaction as too much heat. When you do use heat, or when you come out of the shower do stretches. Make sure you are sleeping comfrotably as well. Figure out which is making you more comfortable, one or two pillows. Sometimes I have had to go with no pillow...it really depends which muscles are hurting. If you are working out, make sure you stretch well afterwards. I recommend working out. It is important to keep the muscles that protect your neck and back in good shape...this is your best medicine. Just don't over do it ofcourse. And finally, nothing beats an epson salt bath and some Aleve! Aleve or ibruprofin. Tylenol is not going to do it...you need antiinflamatories. Goodluck!

Ice works for pain that started within 72 hours, after that heat. Taking a hot shower or bath soaking helps. There is always the OTC creams but be careful you are not allergic to the one you chose. Some have unpleasant smells but Aspercreme does not.

Did you recently lift something or fall? Is so, go see a doctor. Maybe you need a new pillow. Think when the pain started and what activities you did within 48 hours of the pain starting.

Any pain that last more than 7 days should be checked out by a doctor, not a massage therapist.

ice packs.

I have a similar problem and I found sleeping on back helps. It is less stressful on your spine and neck, also try different pillows and check out different mattresses.

Do you have poor posture? That was my problem. Chiropractor told me that the head is relatively heavy (about 15 lbs) and because I held my head in a forward duck-like fashion, the back neck muscles were always in use, that was source of pain.

Problem: I had round shoulders, frozen right shoulder. Mostly it was the back muscles on my right neck to shoulder that hurt the most. The head is supposed to be properly balanced and held up over the spine, not held in a forward positon. My work involved sitting at a computer terminal all day.: desk and reading postures were poor (I always looked down) and this reinforced the problem.

First of all, now I only use one pillow in bed (instead of 2 or 3) -- a physical therapist advised that several yrs ago.

In his office, the Chiropractor gave me treatments with electric heat patches applied to the base of my neck and back of my shoulder 15 minutes to immediately relieve the neck pain. (I need to tell you that he did some manipulations and I heard a popping in the neck and this served to speed the recovery.) Then he prescribed exercises for shoulder and another to stretch the chest muscles (chest muscles too short and back muscles were too long due to poor posture with round shoulders).

Exercise to stretch chest muscles: The position looks like "hands up" you are surrendering to an officer. Go to a doorway, with arm out to the sides (elbow would be up close to shoulder level, not above that), move as if you are walking through the doorway but have your arms out holding the door frames to hold you back. Then hold it a minute or so. Do it several times each day.

I make a consious effort to keep my head held high over my spine: constantly during the day and when you pass a mirror, store windows, ask your family to tell you, etc.

Mini pushups to strengthen shoulder muscles, 3 & 5 lb weights to increase arm and back strength has helped me too. I found the exercises I needed in a library book for people with arthritis. I also have a big exercise ball (size is based on your height) prescribed by chiropractor: His exercise, I squat, and recline on it, RELAX and roll it up & down my spine, raise my arm over my head, and breathe deeply in & let all the air out, something in my back pops when the ball is in a place under my lungs. If your legs are strong enough and you can balance yourself, you won't fall off.

If I could afford it, I'd see a chiropractor weekly: it's sure made my life a lot better. Of course, being retired helped too.

Good luck.

sOuL dOcToR
These three Homeopathic Remedies will relieve Aching muscles in the neck and back in almost all case, Arnica 30, BRYONIA 30 and RHUS TOX 30, but as Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease or disorder so its always better to give your complete symptoms and details for a Homeopathic treatment.
Take Care and God Bless you !

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