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What is the best way to get marijuana out of your system naturally?


the best thing to do is drink 1 liter of pickle juice every day for a week.
and you cant smoke any weed during that week.

**Megan adores Edward Cullen**
First of all, you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.. It kills ur brain cell... Takemy advice.. I have too many friends that have gotten into alot of trouble with stuff like that... Stop doin it..Bt the best possible way is to drink Mouthwash.. Lots of it.. To clean out your system....

karolina aka chika_gurl03
don't do drugs

alex b
Don't use it. Marijuana isn't pure anymore. It is lased with PCB's and other crap that can kill you.

I agree with the "dont smoke it" answers. waste of life as you destroy your motivation to be anything more than a dead beat.

little joyner
don't smoke it at all, but if you did than just drink some water and alot of it. If you need to clean it out just to take a pee test that before you take that test drink some pickle juice. it works. But only time will clean your system out. if you don't want it in your system than don't smoke

Dawn L
First, stop using - permanently. A good liver cleanse is a blueberry fast. Eat blueberries for 3 days. If you need some protein, eat a little yogurt. You can put some honey on the blueberries if you need it. Be aware that this is a powerful detox program, and you may have flu-like symptoms the first couple of days. This is the toxicity leaving your system. But you will feel GREAT when you have completed the fast. If you think you need further detoxification, wait a month or so, and do it again.

Stop usin it and flush your system

marijuana is stored in the fat cells and hair shaft. If you have low body fat, and don't smoke every day- it will probably be out of your system in a few weeks. If you smoke every day though, it can take 6 months to be undetectable in the urine. A hair sample test (like for a job interview) the basic one that is usually used, detects any drug that you have taken, and they can tell if it's been a month, 2 or 3 months. I know this because i just had a hair test for a job interview. Oh, if you shave your head, they will ask for body hair. They can only get a really accurate result for about 3 months. The drug traces become entrapped in the hair follicle when it enters the blood stream, then grows out down the hair shaft. Time is the only thing that will work-

dont smoke it in the first place

â�Ŧħę Ŕåɣęŋ❤
Time because if you use any pills all it will do is throw off your urine sample and you will retest until you can give a valid one.

Jessica C
stop smoking pot.

Dee P
It will come out of your blood evenutally. Stop smoking, drink water and other liquids. It does take some time, more or less depending on how much you have smoke over how long of a period of time. There will always be a trace in your hair though, its there forever.

stop smoking it. then wait 6-12 weeks. time is the only antidote.

Richard W
time is the only way.
quit doing it.

stop using and drink lots of water.....will take three to four weeks to be totally clean

Carol H
Quit smoking it and start drinking plenty of water..

Mad Dog Johnson
Don't use it for the rest of your life.

Rocky W
Drink lots of water.

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