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What is the best thing to eat/drink when you have a cold?
I got a cold. *sniff sniff* I haven't lost my appetite so what is the best foods for me to eat. I don't eat meat..so besides foods with meat in them what is the best possible things for me to eat. I need alot of vitamins and nutrients right now because I feel like crap. Ideas?

A happy meal might help you out.

Jalapeno poppers and ice cold beers.

eat some warm soup, preferably chicken, turn on your fire place and drink some herbal tea or coco.

gatorade or vitamin water

Gordon S
chicken noodle soup is the best for colds

Chicken soup

stay far away during that time from starchy stuff and food with milk. Drink plenty of water, Cranberry juice and herbal teas. eat veggie and fruit only and you will see you feel better in 2 days, Bless you

Homemade vegetable soup and chew on some Celery often so it will scrape and clean out your intestines(that's where these viruses really spring up from), and oatmeal. Good Luck and feel better!!

ruth m
Any clear soups, fresh vegetables,fruit, whole grain bread or pasta are great choices. Get plenty of rest, stay warm, take Tylenol for a fever and drink pure fruit juices without added sugars. Most colds will last 5- 7 days,but if you eat healthy and get lots of rest your immune system wll fight it off.
Good Luck

denise m
there is an over the counter thing called airborne or something like that it works wonder full even when you already have the cold and you also can eat lots of vegetable soup i loved I'm gonna give you a quick recipe:
Cabbage,carrots, zucchini(squash)potatoes, green beans, corn,
chop everything in small squares and put in the blender 4 tomatoes ,Garlic,and a little piece of Onion
pour that into a hot pot with a one table spoon of oil and fried a little then add water and the vegetables cover and cook until the vegetables r soft oh don't forget to add salt about a 1 to 2 tablespoons or the way you like , trust me this soup taste like heaven and is good for your body
another think you can drink is :
a fruit smoothie
blend 4 guavas(guayavas) you can buy them at any Mexican store
3 or 4 tablespoons of honey
the juice of
1 or 2 limes
1 or 2 oranges
hope you feel better!!!!!!

Richard S
orange juice is the most useful thing, it has many vitamins and nutrients that can get you up and well again!

ginger tea with some honey good luck

Brady B
warm soup with saltines and drink lots of water

soup is the best!!! hope u get well :))

Drink lots of water and try sprite also broths and soups, and jello.

drink vitamin C - like emergenC. anything in the vitamin C aisle in drugstores. soup is good. drink tea with lemon.

Raw veggies are the absolute best. Eat a crunchy salad, drink lots of herbal tea, get plenty of sleep and feel better. Don't forget to wash your sheets and anything else you got your sick germs all over...

tomato soup

Drink stuff that will keep you hydrated and eat food loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants to fight that bad nasty virus: Citrus fruits, raw veggies and berries. Think about the rainbow and eat stuff with all those colors. Even hot tap water feels good on a dry scratch throat and the heat will move the crud that's backing up in your sinus. Stay warm, rest, don't go out tonight. Blessed Be!

Drink orange juice,water or hot lemon tea.

Have soup with bread

Lipton noodle soup, orange juice, lots of liquids. Avoid all dairy and cheeses as those products can actually make your cold worse, if you smoke or around people that smoke avoid them too because smoke thickens mucus.

I drink lots of apple juice when I have a cold. It's packed with vitamin C and it doesn't have all the acid orange juice has. Hot tea is good for breaking up congestion too. Make sure you eat something even if you don't have an appetite. Your body needs the fuel to fight off the cold.

Soup ....
any kind .. Minestrone is pretty good / lentil is also tasty.

I love this one - especially with a fine malt - you don't need to be poorly to enjoy it!

Ingredients For An Adult Hot Toddy Drink

A wee dram of whisky
1 teaspoon honey
Boiled water
1 slice fresh lemon/lemon squash
1 pinch ground nutmeg (optional)
1 Cinnamon stick (optional)

Is great and will cure u
Get well soon

Baxters soup

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