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 Saint John's Wart?
I have depression and I don't like doctors or pills. I just don't beleive in them. I heard of St johns wart which a friend is taking and is very confedent in it. she saw results instantly. I...

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Like you know simple stuff because I'm young right now!...

 What's the best recipe for constipation? My best friend's constipated for 4 days!?

 I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat and now it hurts to talk.?
I can't miss anymore work - anyone have a quick remedy?...

 Did you ever get head lice ???

 Have you ever used Hopi ear candles?
I'm trying it tomorrow as I have a bad earwax problem

 What is your opinion on these health drink things. probiotics and good bacteria things,Do they help you?

 For those who quit smoking: How long after...?
you quit smoking does the cravings for nicotine subside? Two days? Three? or does it depend on how much you've smoked per day or how addicted you were? Any help and advice is greatly ...

 Why are people asking how to "get high" in this section?
I am VERY discouraged seeing the number of inquiries about marijuana, how to get high, etc in this alternative meds section. Or how to quickly get rid of drugs from their system for a drug test at ...

 Is there something herbal I can take for anxiety that you've found really effective(UK?

 Does anyone have experience with natural remedies for anxiety
I currently use Lorazipam. It does not help much any more. Some of the natural stuff is bad for your organs so what do you do? counsling has not helped in the past. I just need something mild I can ...

 What is a good everyday cure for sore throat???
I have the worst sore throat and it only hurts on one side!! I have never had such a bad sore throat before. The pain reaches up to my ear!! Now I have tried tea and ice cream, but the tea only makes ...

 How to release from constipation?

 Does red wine kill germs?
still have sore throat could I use this as excuse to get a ...

 Can cranberry juice cure a urinary tract infection for a woman?
I mean completeley cure..... Instead of getting anti biotics, ...

 Anyone know of any natural help for my extremely sore muscles?
I hold all my tension in my left upper shoulder and its really really really painful. Is there any natural ways to help aleviate that pain? Besides obvious ones like massage?...

 Do your think having regular massage can increase your health condition?
I mean recovery or relaxation massage....

 Does anyone know from first hand experience how to cure a bladder infection with out using drugs?

 Home remedies 4 a sore throat?
I've got no lozenges and tea and honey not cutting it....

 Is there any medicine that helps in quitting weed?
15 joints daily 25 year old and figure is lean and ...

laura lou
What is the best natural remedy for calming your nerves?

A shot of whiskey.

How about a hot bath while listening to your favorite music.

dorothy s
St John's Wort and Q10.

Rev W.E Crackpot
meditation can help over time , zazen

A cup of Camomile tea and a long bath with some Lavender oil usually does the trick. Feel better :)

Try pure Lavender oil, just a few drops in a steeming hot bath, or oil burner.

Kalms are ok Lavender essential oil on temples is good too

bananas apparently! I'm a classical musician and have heard many performers say that bananas help calm them before a concert. Not just musicians but any worries are calmed by this Potassium filled snack!:) hope this helps!

crushed Rosemary leaves. keep a sprig in your pocket.

if none of the others work try rhodeola

Relaxation exercises and deep breathing. Yoga is excellent.

Shaun the Sheep

James T
long term, meditatrion

short term, hemp used as a medicine

great long term. use both

Ruth E
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is excellent.

Mister R
Running or walking. It lowers blood pressure and releases natural pain killers.

kava Kava but it is restricted in north america now....but I did have chronic anxiety and it worked better than the prescription stuff I am on now but it was found by the FDA to be hard on the liver so they ordered it off the shelves. Second to that is valerian Root as it will calm you down without drowsiness but the cool thing is, if you want to go to sleep it will make that easy too......it's like it just calms your brain down from racing. Jameson has a supplement called 'herbal nerve' that has some good ingredients in it.

Shelly W
Vitamin B12, and chamomile

Neart, GrĂ¡ agus OnĂ³ir
Valerian extract is one herb shown to relieve anxiety in numerous scientific studies. When taken in doses of 50-500 mg, Valerian extract can help you feel more relaxed and less worried. It usually works quickly after about 30 minutes, and unlike anti-anxiety drugs, Valerian is not addictive. High-quality natural anxiety remedies contain Valerian extract that's standardized to contain at least 0.8% of valerenic acid, the active constituent.

Research suggests that Passion Flower can also help calm your nerves and reduce worry. Look for a natural anxiety remedy that provides at least a few hundred milligrams of Passion Flower extract. Scientists believe that a compound called vitexin is responsible for Passion Flower's relaxing effects, so extracts with at least 3-4% vitexin are most effective.

L-theanine, an amino acid extracted from Green Tea, is a third natural remedy for anxiety with a pronounced anti-anxiety effect. In fact, many people report that L-theanine works as well as anti-anxiety drugs when taken in doses of 100-300mg. Some products marketed as "L-theanine" actually contain very little pure L-theanine, and thus aren't effective. For this reason, you should make sure to use a natural remedy for anxiety with SunTheanine®, a 99% pure form of L-theanine

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