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 Going to pee in a cup on monday,what is the best way to be clean by then?
I will be taken this test in the morning around 8am.what is the best way to detox my system by then.Hopefully its kind of cheap.I would prefer all naturall.
Additional Details

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I do wear socks and leather shoes most of the ...

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Getting a headache every single day for the past week.

Any cures that don't involve pain killers?...

 How do you receive (or feel) energy from another person?
Is it different from another?...

 What is a natural way to ease constipation? How regular should i be?

 What are some good ways to get rid of toxins?

 Do epsom salt baths really detoxify the body? If so, how?
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 Expired Medication?
I have expired pain relievers... the actual expiration on the label is 04/25/06 which was quite a long time ago... I noticed after I had taken one and it still feels like there was relief... it this ...

 What are the best Vitamins?
ive been semi sick for 2 years with non stop slight nausea sometimes really bad sometimes not. been to doctors...they have no idea. im thinking i have some sort of deficiency. maybe vitamins or ...

 What is it like to trip on Acid?

 Can Reiki hands on healing make you feel dizzy and feeling sick?

 I found some pills in an unlabled bottle, would like to know what they are?

 Cure for motion sickness?

 Is their any medicine/cure for...?
really low self confidence? like something to boost your confidence by like 80% for really shy people? or any advice!...

What helps to boost the immune system in someone that has Leukemia?
It's my father, lately he's been really weak, losing weight, he's already taking medication for Leukemia. I want to know if there's anything I can get for him to help him. Any advice will be very helpful and appreciated.

Any vitamins, natural herbs...anything will help. Thank you very much.

Ms Common Cents
His doctor should have told him to take a Centrum Silver every day (or a vitamin along those lines). They help with energy. You didn't say what type of leukemia... chronic or acute? Myeloid or Lymphocytic? You could also try iron-rich foods... it's possible they may help. Good luck.

avinash c
If you are in india, I suggest combo of Natural herb Ganoderma lucidium and natural health drink MAGNO could work wonder fully.

Folic Acid was recommended to me to take between shots of Procrit when my count was down to 5 of a normal 12. Was taken off chemo for 2 weeks plus 3 pints of blood and put in isolation as the were afraid I would catch something. Told me Folic Acid would help boost my immune system and give me a appetite.

Hi. No, don't do the Centrum or anything similar. Our bodies can't even break those down.
Try a Multivitamin---schiff-- brand, or something equivalent. Try some mineral juice as well.
Best foods high in antioxidants and nutrition --blueberries, spinach, yogurt, fish, squash, whole grains, olive oil, NUTS, etc...

What about a blueberry + yogurt smoothie to start the day:

Mix 1 cup of yogurt, 1 cup of frozen bluberries or frozen berry/cherry, 1 banana in blender. You can add small amount of juice before blending.

Good luck + I hope he starts to feel better.

Have you ever seen the drinks that claim to be full of antioxidants? Well, that is one of the things that can help. BUT! you do not want the ones with sugar or high fructose corn syrup as a main ingredient. (just in case you didn't know, the closer the ingredients are to the first part of the list, the more of them there are.) I am doing research with cancer, specifically melanoma cells, but they have the same concept. Anti oxidants help by killing cancer cells, because tumors need O2 in order to live. If, however, the cells are deprived of that necessary O2, they begin to die. I am not saying that drinks with antioxidants will cure cancer. That is far from what I am saying. I am just saying that they will help the body to feel better.

Precious Puppies
My dad has a pre-leukemia and a low immune system. His hematologist suggested that we consider glyco-nutrients (he did not recommend them) aka miracle sugars. The hematologist is looking into is as well for treatment of cancer. These glyco-nutrients do not heal but opens the communication between cells to allow them to heal themselves. We have had several discussions with the doctor regarding these and he feels they have potential. Worth checking out.

My mother had cancer 14yrs ago.she toke Bee Pollen as a tea every morning and night.she said it helps to boost your immune system.

Mad Roy
How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine by Mike Murray is full of good advice in this regard.
Available on Alibris.com
Good luck and God bless!

sOuL dOcToR
Give him these side effects and complications free Homeopathic remedies and he will start feeling wonderfully well very shortly and they will enhance the action of his regular medication as well and they will start working better then before.
ARSENICUM ALBUM 30 thrice a day half hour before meals PHOSPHORUS 30 just once before going to bed and FERRUM PHOS 6X,KALI PHOS 6X,CALC PHOS 6X,NATRIUM MUR 6X and SILICEA 6X together thrice a day half hour after meals. I have cured people with Leukemia with just this prescription 100% . These will not interfere or react with his regular medication and will make him start feeling well within a day or two of taking them just keep on taking them till he is 100% well. Keep me psted about his progress periodically if you use this prescription and feel free to email me if you need to ask or clarify anything.
Take care and God Bless you and your family !

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