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 Should i use a cotten dipped in peroxide in my ear because i cant hear?
my friend told me it helps and im afraid because i cant hear from my right ear she said most likely its air in it and dat the peroxide will what do you think is it safe?...

 Besides medicine, patches and counsuling what affordable ways can people help others to stop smoking?

 Natural sources for Immune System boosting?

 Is Marijuan detectable in hand-baggage at the airport?
Is marijuana detectable at the security point at airports if you carry it in your hand baggage?...

 Does anyone have a PROVEN quick way to clear a stuffed nose?
I've got the worst stuffed nose in the world.....does anyone have any tips? (Keeping in mind that I'm ONLY looking for PROVEN remedies....and that I have a barely-stocked house, so I don...

 St johns wort?
how affective is this natural remedy and does it have any bad side affects?
Additional Details
is it useful to use to help depression ...

 Does milk of magniesm clean out your colon if not wat does??

 Is there an herbal supplement for treating Depression?
I tried St. John's Wort and it made me irritable. I've heard of something called SamE. Anyone have suggestions....

 How can I detox quickly?
I want the icky stuff gone immediately

I recently started just drinking water and NO FAST FOOD

my skins clearing up ... but is there anthing else i can do to detox asap?...

 Can anyone help me please?
I've got 'burning' hands, I think it could be poor circulation, they are hot all the time, but in the summer seem to 'burn', is there anything I can do about it? Please don�...

I know smoking Marijuana is illegal but I have heard of making it into a tea to help relax. So I was wondering if drinking marijuana is illegal?...

 Why is hypnotherapy good for overcoming phobias?

 Help! I need some good home remedies for some energy.?
For someone who is always tired and has 3 kids. Whats a good remedie for energy that you can whip up at home?...

 What are some good ways to treat a sore throat?
without using throat drops or syrup....

 Where can I find out about alternative medicines?
I'm after an easy guide to what to take for what conditions. I'm not keen on taking prescription drugs and would like to explore other avenues....

 Does anyone know how long it takes ativan to work? And does it really work?

 What will cure a sore throat?

 Is papaya good in diarrhoea?

 What is the best source for lowering cholesterol?
After trying the Omega-3, I have been told that Red Rice Yeast, flaxseed oil, Co-q 10 and Niacin are also effective. Aside from diet and exercise, which of these are better at reducing your ...

 What is the best hangover cure/remedy?

What foods help with repairs of knee cartilage?

ohio healer
Actually, there's a knee cartilage homeopathic I found for my husband. Check www.nathompr.com (National Homeotherapeutic). You may also want to see a naturopath to rebalance and address the underlying imbalance that caused the physical symptom. If you don't know one, please check www.trinityschool.org for a list of their graduates. You can find one from your state.

The dinner you buy for a good surgeon.

Mr. V.P.
Knox Nutrijoint Gelatine is good to take with an adequate amount of food based protein. Examples of protein include the following: eggs, milk, chicken breast & tenderloins etc. Glucosamine Chondroitin and msm seem to be beneficial supplements as well.

Glyconutrients. They increase natural stem cell production by 1000 % or more.

Info on my blog roll.

Healthy Randy
Not a food, but a pharmaceutical grade product in pill form, easy to take and helped me. USANA's Procosa II. Check it and videos at www.gesundheit.usana.com - order at SHOP@,secure, mnoey back guarantee.


This will help.

anything protien

There are some herbs that help with joint pain and keeping them lubricated but once I found out that it's in Hops I decided to take mine in liquid form.

The best foods would be foods with large amounts of protein, and foods that have the vitamins and minerals to help your body make use of the protein. For instance, protein foods would be red meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Foods to process the protein would be fresh vegetables, such as green beans, peas, carrots, tomatoes, Cabbage, beets, and so on. The best results come from foods that are organic-in other words, foods which have not been processed or been influenced with foreign agents.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin has helped rebuild my knees from almost nothing. I know have very little pain, and can run again.

Remember to take them both together as the reaction they create together is beneficial to you.

try Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements

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