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 Is there a natural remedy for warts that anyone has used?

 Sore throat, any homemade remedies?

 Canker sores really hurt- any for sure home remedies?
My son has canker sores in his mouth and they are really hurting him. Please help with any suggestions to ease the pain or get rid of them quicker....

 Is urea urine? I bought a cream for my cracked heels and a main ingredient is urea?
I like to be organic where possible, would bathing my feet in my own urine do a more natural and effective job as I have heard of its heeling properties (no pun intended) Would anyone else bathe ...

 Is there any way to increase your vision naturally without contacts, etc?
Carrots don't work for me. I want to join the air force as a fighter pilot, but my vision is pretty bad. i cant use glasses or contacts; and i cant get civilian laser surgery. any suggestions?<...

 Any diet to beat depression?
Does anyone know of any specific diet or nutritional guidelines to help people with depression for use alongside drugs and psychotherapy?...

 Is lemon ok for a sore throat?
I read on a website that lemon juice will help a sore throat. I have a very dry, itchy, swollen throat from strep throat. Would lemon juice be ok? I was going to mix it with some honey.

 Whats your drug of choice?

Additional Details
mine used to be ...

 HELP! can herbal teas help you become pregnant?
I read some where that different teas can help you when trying to get pregant? i found two thats ment to increase chances one is called Green tea and the other Raspberry leaf tea. Has any of these ...

 What are some ways to deal with IBS?
I would love to hear some tips (especially from those who suffer from it) on how to deal with IBS. I've had it for a year or 2 now, and it's so frustrating to not be able to have a bowel ...

 Where can i get tee tree oil from?

 How to treat intestinal parasites?
I have been having a ton of stomach problems and was recently told by an Ostopath that I have a parasite in my intestine. I did travel to an island off of Honduras and was very sick when I returned, ...

 I have been sick for two months now.?
I've had a bad cold for about two months now and it won't go away. I went to an instacare facility because it's really hard to see my doctor. Because I had just finished a long ...

 Whats the best natural remedy for flu?
i got the flu ,and i was wondering if anyone know of any natural remedy to fight of the flu?...

 Best remedy for a tension headache?

 What are some ways to whiten my teeth that can be done at home?

 Home remedies for a bad headache.?
Im talkin a headache bad enough to where (2) vicodins didn't help. Let me in on your techniques!...

 Any good, quick cure for a hangover??

Additional Details
well obviously its 2 late to not drink now isn't it!! thats a prevention not a cure which is no good to me ...

 How can I get myself to take my mind off things when I want to meditate?
I want to meditate to relax my mind and relieve stress, but I have the hardest time focusing! Once the room goes quiet and I close my eyes, I'm able to clear my mind for like a few seconds and ...

 What is the best nutritional supplement to help the immune system?
I been getting very sick for the last few years, nothing big but is quite annoying. I read about many nutritional upplements that can help me such as AHCC and Multi-Vitamins, any recommendations on ...

What does being high (on weed) feel like?
I've smoked a lot of weed but have never felt anything. And the people I was with always got high so I know it wasn't the pot. :( Can you describe what it feels like?

Why keep trying??? Being"high" just makes you act stupid and why have "fun " you don't remember

try out of a bong or something.

And it's different for different people. Personally, its like I see the big picture. Like every problem I've been having is like, why would i be stressing about that? and sometimes you get focused on something and forget that other things exist completely. Like I was sitting in a smoking circle with some friends and I looked away and was like "Holy crap! I forgot about these stars!" And just turning my head put me in a whole new universe.

Mostly, just smoke up and put on some Floyd and you'll know what I'm toking about.

Feel... makes you numb, everything you touch feels different, sometimes you feel heavy other times you feel really light. Time slows down significantly. Feel really relaxed. Or slowed down. Cottonmouth is also notice able.

Besides that you usually feel the same, but everything looks, sounds different/louder. And from personal experience only goofy people laugh for no reason.

its amazingg.. you just feel more creative and everything better when your high.. music.. food.. movies.. stories.. freidns.. make sure when you smoke to really inhale your hit and hold it in before you blow it out.. then youll be high for sure and have funn!!

you are never really high till u take your first bong hit

Jamie D
alot of people get that, so keep trying if youre really interested.
hang out with funny people after smoking, that helped me.
it took me a few months before i first got high.

but if you wanna know....to me it fells like im floating and if i dont hold onto something ill fly into the air....its intense but ive learned to control it and go with it.

Its your smoking technique.

Every person on earth has Dopamine deceptors, you WILL feel it if you do it correctly.

You can't explain being high, its hard to describe the experience since its a background drug, and doesnt make you trip or anything. Just little, suble changes that make you feel as though you stood up too fast.

How can one possibly remember?

feels like the whole world is slowing down and sometimes your tongue gets numb and you can't talk properly which makes it ten times funnier...and you can't stop shaking anddddd if feels like your in a cartoon.=) i don't do it anymore though haha i need my brain cells for college

your prolly not smoking it right, or your gettin ripped off, next time you smoke some weed, make sure to breath deep and hold it in for at least 10 seconds.

well for your question, i get all giggly, happy, dont give a ****, relaxed. good time, lol. but when i get STONED, time goes slow, 15 minutes feels like 2 hours, everything is in slow motion, and you just feel...baked, i dont even start laughing, im just like ughhhh, lol.

happy full of laughter. like your flying.

in my opinion.. you see differently, like you see whats going on in front of you and not on your sides. there is a constant message in your body telling you to be happy. you will eat anything even if its stale chips. when you close your eyes you feel like your on a roller coaster or you are flying. you laugh uncontrollably until your sides hurt at the most random things in movies. you enjoy dancing in the beggining and sleeping at the end. you feel complete and enjoy what going on around you.

oh and trust me... the 5th time you smoke is much better than your first or second... it takes time to kick in.

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