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What do you know about Camphor phenique?? detail please!!?
all i know is that someone used it longgggg time ago for ear aches.

i know it works real good for mosquito bites take the itching away. also good for cold sores and fever blisters. earaches?????

Sharon S
use it for cold sores and mosquito bites

sweet & sour
Campho phenique is used for bug bites. You can put some on a cotton ball and put in your ear for an earache..

I think it smells just too k-neat...LOL

Hugs from Texas, God Bless {:-)

I wouldn't use it in your ears. If you have an ear ache it could be 'swimmer's ear' or maybe damage from listening to music too loudly. Be very careful about what you put into where. You could cause more damage. You CAN however use a little bit of alcohol to 'dry' the insides of your ear canals if you have gone swimming. Excess moisture can cause fungus to grow, very smelly. Q tips aren't very healthy to use either. It's best to have your doc clean your ears at least once a year.

An compound of Camphor oil and Phenol. serves as an antiseptic and promotes healing. Great to use on Herpes blisters...dries them up very quickly.

Speakin' of earaches . . . I have used Garlic Mullein oil from the health food store for any --- Usually any earaches are gone ASAP.
Camphor is what Laurey smelled in Oklahoma! musical to help her decide between Jud and Curly!

u can use it for fever blisters on ur lips

Camphor phenique indications: for the temporary relief of pain and itching associated with minor burns, sunburn, minor scrapes, cuts, insect bites or skin irritations. Protects against the risk of infection in minor cuts scrapes and burns.
Ingredients: (Camphor 10.8% phenyl 4.7% in light Mineral Oil.)
Inactive ingredients: Eucalyptus oil, light Mineral Oil.

I would imagine that is why it was put in the ears, because of the Mineral Oil. That used to be a favorite home remedy for earaches. Warm Mineral Oil drops for the ear.....

Campho-Phenique, made by bayer (yep, the Aspirin company) is not to be used internally. I remember when I was a child that we took all kinds of home remedies that would be considered poisonous now, like turpentine. But, Campho-Phenique really is a great medicine for cold sores. bayer says "Campho-Phenique dries cold sore/fever blisters and helps prevent infection. It stops pain and itching on contact. It softens scabs while sealing in moisture. It gives instant relief for itchy bites from chiggers, mosquitoes, sand fleas, black flies and other biting insects. It protects against infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.It relieves pain and itching from minor burns and sunburn, minor cuts and scrapes. "
Better than sliced, buttered bread.......lol.

I love this stuff! When I get a canker sore, I apply CP on it. It stings like crazy at first, but when the numbness sets in, it feels like HEAVEN!

Ointment version is good for cold sores

Georgia Girl
you put it on blisters and cold sores

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