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charlotte s
What can I do to fix Bad Aura?
Does anyone know how I can fix the bad aura in my home.
I have heard that burning sage will do it but, I don't know where to buy the sage that works...
Thanks to all,

I wipe my own @$$
take it to the dealership and askthem to fix it!! LOL, sorry...had to do it..for those of you who don't get it Aura is also a model of a vehicle. Isn't feng sui supposed to do something with aura and balance??

have a few incenses in a small cup of rice.. I started with three incense and light them up and stick them in a cup of rice and walk about making sure to walk to every room.. then i leave it in my room... it been 7 years already and I still have the same cup of rice but with alot of incense.. and never had a bad day at all.. good luck!

Allergic To Eggs
replace it with good aura

Purchase rubbed Sage in the spices in your grocery store, take a pinch and place it in a saucer and light it, it will smoke and burn. It's a natural incenses and clears negative energy. Use a turkey feather, bird feather or quail to fan the smoke, light a white candle, read Lord's Pray while you walk through the house with the saucer burning the Sage.
Be sure to bless each room by making a cross mark on each side of each door frame (like crossing out a cat that crosses in front of your car), this will cleanse your home. Keep in mind that you must continue to say the prayer until the entire house and all rooms are blessed and you must mean it with all of your heart.
PS: It has to be rubbed Sage, not ground Sage, rubbed sage

get pine needles and burn them


Beverly R
Pray to God for help getting rid of any bad spirits that may be lingering in your life. The closer you get to God the less they can hurt you.

there are a lot of herbal or esoteric shops you can try. they are usually tucked away and have odd names but they are all over. i would ask around your area, google it, or check your phone book look for new age shops, and things of that nature.Even your local supermarket probably has something adequate.
but even simply opening up your windows letting a little light and air in will help. you may also want to consider furniture placement, shake things up move um around. some new comfy pieces added in might help. keep relaxing colors in relaxing areas like your living and bedroom and bright colors in the kitchen. add candles and pleasant scents, little fountains and plants also help.

whatever calms you will also help to calm the energy in your home. good luck to you.

You want to clear out negative energy? Sage is an herb, you can buy it at the garden center as a plant and grow your own. You can order it online. All you have to do is light the dried bundled herb and it will smoke (instead of flame up). Carry it thru your house and wave it in each room, four corners and center.

Also try salt in water. Mix a spoonful in a quart of water and cast at the doors and windows.

Light a white candle, and pray.

Sandlewood incense is also good for clearing negative energy.

Without more details, it is hard to say what you are trying to achieve, and what sort of energy you are encountering.

Good luck!

thirsty mind
Take a bath in salt water,or add vineager.

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