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animal lover
What are some natural ways to control blood pressure?

I am trying to find out natural ways to bring the blood pressure down. I have a friend who has just found out that their blood pressure is QUITE high, not just a few points.

The problem is that they have a history of not doing very well with drugs. Most of the drugs that the doctors have prescribed for various things throughout the years have not worked, or done just the opposite of what was supposed to happen. My friend thinks that their body chemistry is just different than the average and that drugs just don't work well for them.

Therefore, they are really scared to try taking any blood pressure drugs. I am trying to gather up some information to help them figure out what to do instead of drugs.

I know things like eating less salt, losing weight and stuff like that, but could you please point out some of the things that may not be so obvious? Also any herbs or something that is good for that?

Thank you for your help and I look forward to your responses!

I applaud your friend for realizing that high blood pressure is something that needs to be dealt with and can have many long term detrimental effects including stroke, congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, aneurysms, and loss of vision.

You mentioned a few very good suggestions - engaging in vigorous physical activity (like full court basketball, for instance. Biking 13 miles an hour or more is another) three times weekly for 30 minutes can be very helpful.

Staying away from alcohol, especially binge drinking is useful.

Some people have a salt sensitivity and even if they are not adding salt to food, they may be getting (more than) enough from prepared food to have an effect and also from hidden sources (like pickles, for instance). Other people are not salt sensitive at all and it really makes little difference.

It is reasonable to try alternatives if he/she has had a bad time with prescription medications in the past. After an adequate trial, though, if he/she is not meeting their blood pressure goals, it is too important an issue to ignore and it may be time to revisit medications again. There is no shortage of types (easily over 100). Even if he/she has an odd chemistry, there's bound to be something that works. It may just take a medical provider who is willing to move slowly and extra carefully with your friend's medication regimen.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

I know that "Silky Scents" has essential oils & organic essential oils, and they have a free recipe section. You'll probably be able to find all the information there. Plus they have the pictures of each plant. You can google their name to find them online.

Tyrone S.
Shug, check this out and see how you like it:


Coenzyme CQ10 100mg
Garlic pill 2000mg
Vitamin c-500 mg.

Take one of each once a day. Both values of the bloodpressure will go down after 10 weeks by 0.5 and if you continue the pressure will go down to normal.
The supplements are affordable too. I bought the CQ 10, the Garlic pills, and the Vitamin C at Walmart. Walmart sells CQ 10 120 gelcaps for around 25 dollars, the Garlic pills came to around 6 or 7 bucks, and vitamin C is very cheap.
My blood pressure went from 148/83 to 100/76, and since I am continuing the coenzyme CQ10 did my bloodpressure not go up again. I put my fiance on it because he got treated for hypertension and since April has his bloodpressure gone from 168/89 to 112/73(despite the fact that he has a few pounds too many)

I just answered the same question but here we go again!
Coca tea in natural way used in South America to lower blood sugar and blood pressure, it is also used for altitude sickness , with millions living in the Andes with cities over 12,000 feet....... you really need something to control your blood pressure, if it works for all that people for centuries....... it works for everybody!

Take flax Seed Oil every day and also, walk daily...and I have found an herbal remedy that worked...all three things brought mine down to a good place...

Odorless Garlic supplements 1000mg 2 softgels daily after meals.
Good brand found at walmart/brooks
Brand Spring Valley

Good luck hope it helps.
Good readings if interested.


Check these out:


This last one is really good....and I found a lot more...so holler if you need more info...

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