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Should you sleep with your head pointing toward the north?
I have heard that a person should sleep with the head towards the north or south or something. Seems like it was the roseacrusians or someone. Does anyone know which way I should sleep. I haven't slept for days worried that I am not sleeping properly :-) Any reason why? While your at it I have heard that if you sleep on you left side, blood pools in your lung or something. If you know which way I should be sleeping maybe you know about that also. Thanks.
Additional Details
Thanks for all the answers so far. The part about not being able to sleep was just a joke. Thus the smiley face.

u r not a magnetic compass needle but a human. just keep ur worries outside ur bedroom door and sleep peacefully. Good Night.

martin h
Why look for some crackpot solution when there are so many specialists and resources in society that have been proven to actually help sleeping problems?

Not if the on-coming train is headed in a south bound direction.

is this some kind psychic thing. you could sleep any way you want to. don't believe in all these mumboo jumboo.

Damned fan
I'm a Damned fan and we always sleep facing the north!!!

Well i Say..
doesnt matter

Linda R
I have to sleep on my right side almost all of the time. It doesn't matter what is pointing which way.

my mom always told me to sleep with my head facing north, so i always have. when i was pregnant, the drs. told me to sleep on left side since there is a certain vein or something on the right side of the spine which can be constricted by the baby's weight if you lay on your right side. not sure any of this helps.. just sharing what i've heard.

This is different with all people, we all have different DNA, we are all designed different. Sleep the way that feels best to you, I like to sleep with a pillow over my head with my nose facing the end of the bed next to the wall so I am breathing fresh air that is blowing up from the floor.

Honestly, I think that you should sleep with your head facing towards me, but it is only my personal view....LOL.

daffy duck
the Head shud point to the east

Weirdly enough, babies turn in their cribs to sleep with their heads to the north. North seems to give me deeper more refreshing sleep.

sounds good to me

Sleep which way is the most comfortable for you. And I hope you don't have to turn your bed around lots to figure this out!

There's an Indian myth why u shouldn't sleep with ur head pointing 2wards North, but I believe its got something to do with the magnetic lines of force (North to South of The Earth) interfering with the electrical signals in ur brain. I generally dont sleep with my head 2wards North coz I've noticed it gives me a queasy, and dull feeling, and my head feels heavy (I meant that irritating heaviness when u hv got a cold) when I wake up. I hv seen other people too with the same complaints. So avoid sleeping 2wards North. The best direction is South and East. Try these out for a peaceful sleep. Have a good day (and a good night too!)

Ellen M
Feng shui says East, but several mythologies also say North. Apparently the reasoning behind that is North is the direction of the element of Earth. If you sleep with your head grounded in the Earth direction you don't become "trapped" in dreamland. These are tales I've heard from several different sources but it's basically crazy hippie stuff. :) Sleep however your body falls, or whichever way your bed faces.
Another point, Feng Shui says to not sleep so the floorboards cut through you...sleep with the grain of the wood. So if the floorboards in your apartment/house go North/South then that really shots the other Feng Shui theory out of the water of sleeping East facing.
The thing about blood pooling in your lungs in crap. Actually when I was pregnant they said I sould sleep on the left side because it gets more blood to the uterus and the baby.

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