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Should you dye or cut your hair first?
My sister has bought a kit to dye her own hair but she also plans on having it cut. Is it better to have your hair cut first and then dyed, or dyed and then cut? And what is the reasoning behind doing one before the other if it matters? Thank you for any help!

Miishell S
Cut it first, and then dye it so the color can get in it right the first time. The color may not look the same long as short, if she is stricking it and coloring it.

I would cut it first in case after you get it colored, your cut gives some damage to your color. Be safe with it.

DragonWrites the Fire Faery
I would say cut the hair first and then dye it because if the hair is long or thick, it may take more than one box of dye so if it's cut first, you're assured to get the right coverage and whatnot without the fear of running out. That would be my logic to cutting first but I'm sure it'll be fine either way.


jerry Gotsy
I think you shoud cut it first... that wasy you use less dye (since is a dye-it-youself kit) and also because it will take less time to dye... hope i was of any help...

I'd say cut first, just because it doesn't really make any sense to me to dye hair that you are just gonna cut off.

I don't think there's a right way of doing it. I would personally cut the hair first, and then use the dye. You have less hair, and it would be easier to work with when coloring it.

cut ur hair first cause ur ends are mostly likely damaged and porous so they will soak up too much dye

Dyed first. Hair changes texture when it is colored and you have more options to work with if you wait to cut it.

Cut it first becausee hair is in continuous process of growth and becaus of it lower part of hair will come up without the dye and will look different ! But while cutting the hair you are saving the dye and also will have little less allergy if you have ! sooner or later it will grow so better you use that remaining dye for the lower end after wards for good looking otherwise if you have already have the long hair than whats the use of using the dye for the hair which is there for to cut ?Always YouRsmE

I don't think it really matters... I dye mine then cut

Chetaan Shah
First cut then dye cause the hair goes on growing the dye colour does not go inside the roots which are growing.but if avoid dye its good for you.

Well it doesn't really matter what goes first, they are still both going to get done. I think it would be better to dye the hair and then cut it if she still wants to. Because then she will be able to know how much she is going to cut it. Matching it up with the color. This will make her happier. Dyeing her hair is good but she needs to make sure that the color is right for her. Don't let her dye her hair black. Because then she will be spending 100s of dollars trying to get it changed.

I always cut my hair first and then dye it. It is all personal preference. If your hair is dry or damaged, I would dye it first then get it cut to remove all the dead ends.

Logically, it would be better to cut and dye later. It would need lesser dye. Imagine all the effort and dye wasted if you take all the trouble to dye that much hair then cut them. The reason salons dye first is because they have to wet the hair before cutting anyway. So, the shampoo girls can do the job while the cutter attends to others. To prevent oil and dirt from getting into their hands and that expensive pair of scissors, they also wash your hair before cutting. Shampooing is always done immediately when the dyeing has reached its required colour. Thus, thats why they dye your hair first.

If you die your hair first, there will be a tendency to get split ends because of the color's harshness, etc. So you want to be able to cut these split ends after you die the hair.

I dont profess to have any hairdressing expertise at all. But it seems logical to cut first and then dye. If you dye and then cut your just wasting dye. Just my 2 cents .

Pooty Pooty Apple Water
dye then cut

Dye it first, then cut.

dye, then cut

~clashing twilight~
Dye then cut the burnt split ends off that is my suggestion.

It doesn't matter either way really - when i go to get my hair done professionally, she dyes it first then cuts it - i guess because when you dye it you have to wash it out and hair cuts better when its wet, now if she is dying her hair herself - i would dye it after i get it cut - because then it would be less hair to dye and worry about getting full coverage - i have long hair (past my shoulders) so when i dye it i really have to stretch the dye as far as i can get it - because it takes a full bottle and i have to worry about getting all of it covered well, Good Luck to your sista! and hope she has a great turn out!!

Dye your hair first then cut it after because it will remove the split ends that might get damaged from the hair dye.

cut hair first this way u wont waste hair dye u might need only one box then instead of two save the other one 4 next time.

of course you want to dye it first because no matter how nice or strong your hair is, dye is going to cause some damage, like frizzy or split ends and the stylist will know what needs to be cut. You dont want to damage your fresh cut hair!!

you should cut it first, so that you can dye only the hair you want dyed. There's no point in waisting dye on hair thats going to be cut off. But whats better is to get her hair done at the salon, both cut and dyed, its much easier, and more efficient

always dye before cutting. dye is rough on your hair. if you wait, then you can catch all the fried ends, which results in a cleaner cut.

naw, i don't think it does..well...i get my hair highlighted, and she always does it before cutting, but if you do it at home...and get it cut somewhere else...then maybe cut...then colored

Dye it 1st then cut it!!!!

Mrs. P
dye it 1st then cut the dead ends...that's the way they do it in the salon

Terri R
Dye first,then cut the fried ends off.

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