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What the Puck?
My throat is soooo dry and i lost my voice...what can I do?
I dont feel sick...only my throat hurts and it dry. What should I do?

Eat 2 m&m's and call me in the morning =)

Ummm.....NOT TALK

drink lots of water

go grab some strepsils and drink lukewarm water...

Cut a lime in half, and put some honey on it. put it in the microwave for about 15sec or less (till it gets warm). And then it's done, just squeeze the warm lime juice and honey in your mouth, and swallow it slowly. Or you can try to gargle warm salt water. Just heat up a cup of water and a some salt, then when its not to hot, gargle it-do it about 5 times, Don't swallow it! Tastes really bad! Good Luck!

You can try drinking apple cider vinegar. It'll help your throat a little.

If you have trouble finding apple cider vinegar, you can try drinking warm water. Just drink about 1 glass of warm water for every half an hour.

You'll feel better once you keep on drinking it for a few hours.

It is just a cold and you just have to wait it out. In the meantime, you just need to make your throat as comfortable as possible. Do not use cough drops as this will irritate it more, try Halls fruit soothers, which coat and sooth throat. You can also sip hot water with honey and lemon, it is a natural soother. Also, if you find you have trouble sleeping because your throat is itchy at night, use a humidifier, or run a hot shower and close the bathroom door and breathe in the moist air for a while. Hope this helps.

::a j a::
probably drink some water or hot tea and have a cough drop.

Health Physicist
could be viral infection or so called "flu". Use Lavender or Eucalyptus essential oil (preverred water-base) on the burner for 20 minutes for 7 days. Virus should go away within 10 days. You can even "smell" it every 3-4 hours. The oil particle will go to your lungs and prohibit virus to grow. Drink water while using essential oil.

Drink lots and lots of water and other fluids! stay away from soda and coffee. just rest your voice.

Drink som hot tea with lemon. Get some throat losenges. Drink alot of water. Should clear up after a couple of days.

Crazy cat lady &gt;^ ^<
gargle with warm salt water and drink plenty of water

sandy v
Gargle with cool salt water.It may take a few times but it's cheap and VERY soothing.Plus the sodium will kill bacteria.

dan l
drink lots of fluids.

dont talk alot. drink lots of water and juice and get throat medicine. you'll feel better soon!!

Love is
drink hot tea with lots of honey and lemon it will work suddenly

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