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soft rockstar
My doctor gave me valium to calm down, but i'm scared to take it...?
- I just returned home from a year in China, and i've been pretty anxious because I don't have a job set up, and I'm not sure where i'll live. I'm staying with my parents, and can do so for as long as I want. Also there really isn't any hurry to get a job because I saved money before I came home. I went to the doctor about my restlessness and he prescribed me valium. I've heard that it's highly addictive and i'm a little worried. Also, I'm not sure how it will make me feel...

yes I agree , don't take them. Rather get yourself some Johns Worth drops or tea and have acup of tea every night until you find you are better. Or have some drops. Just don't lay in the sun while eating or drinking this tea. Yes you can walk in the sun,but dont sunbath in it. St.John's Worth is fast and you dont need to take them longer then a month.

The doctor gave this to you for a reason take it and let the pill do its job. You'll be fine. Make sure others are in the house if you are nervous about taking the pill alone.

Every person has their own tolerance and their own level of being easily addicted to a drug (prescription, illegal, alcohol, etc...). If you try to take it a few times, it wont be an immediate addiction, but if you like the feeling you get from it that could lead to an addiction; it is an intense feeling. I recommend a more natural route. If you go to a local health store (Whole Foods, for ex), they have vitamins and other pills that are natural and non-addictive. At least this way you will be taking something safe and it will full fill the objective you are looking for. Good Luck.

they are very good,take them last thing at night

drugs become addictive when people abuse them or are on them for extended periods of time. check out www.drugs.com to read about valium

Common Sense
Who told you it was highly addictive ??
Pure nonsense...
Don't worry about it..
Take what your doctor prescribed...
Valium was at one time the most prescribed drug in the USA...
I have taken many a Valium....
You will be fine...

Valium is very addictive in some people. It is really dangerous and at best a short time remedy. I am really scared of them and would only take them if it was really necessary. I don't think you can get addicted on one Rx and I doubt a reputable MD would prescribe them for any length of time. There are a lot of other medicines out there that can help you with anxiety. Good luck!

Shame on that doctor for giving you a schedule III, potentially dangerous and addictive drug for a life change anxiety problem, and not offering reassurance, natural methods or counselling first.

If you are an addictive person, you are at risk. Clearly not everyone who takes it becomes addicted, but this doctor's first line of therapy leaves me bewildered and concerned. Sounds like he/she is just lazy.

There are so many, many other and safer methods to try first. I hope you will explore those.

I take one valarian and some cal/mag/Zinc before I sleep and it relaxes me quickly. Yoga is also great for removing anxiety. B vitamins are also anxiety relieving. Try something natural first then if your aren't satisfied try just one of the Valium per day and see how that goes.

Ok there are certain teas out there that help with it...try Chamomile it is a minor sleep agent that helps relax you...it doesnt knock you out but it makes your body more suseptible to sleep. Theres also alot of other basic herbs that help with that. i would avoid takeing Valium, try some other basic over the counter meds before going straight to valium

It is highly addictive. I have a vertigo problem and the neurologist gave me Valium but warned me that even if I took only 1/2 a 2mg pill daily, by the end of the week my body would adjust to it and need more and regular dosage is a 5mg pill!.

Unless there is a medical necessity to take the Valium, I would explore other options. You may need time to adjust from your year away, spend time here on Answers or write a journal of your time in China. If the anxiety continues, I would see another doctor because there ar better alternatives for anxiety and nerves than Valium.

They just relax you a little. Best to take it at night like they said. Take just 1/2 of the pill at first. They are addictive, so dont use them daily.

CC Babydoll
valium is a nerve pill...it is used for stress and anxiety...takes it away with a relaxed feeling

if you are coping and can deal on yer own...don't start taking it
again, this is a very addictive drug....
foot note: they created a drug called Xanax to replace Valium...this is also a very addictive drug

good luck, take care.....go on the web and look this information up and it might help you to understand the drug

be cool...

It's just going to calm you down and make you feel relaxed, maybe even a little sleepy. Try it and if you don't like how it makes you feel then tell your doc.

Take it - it's addictive if you ingest it everyday multiple times per day for months on end. You'll feel soooo much better - less worried and stressed. If you're really concerned about how you'll feel, start by taking half of a pill.

Anxiety is a symptom and medication will treat it. Better, however, to address the cause.
I guess I don't really understand why you're so anxious. You have a place to stay indefinitely and seem to feel no urgency about working. Just the same, let's address the cause. Have you begun a job search? That would seem to be your first priority. Read the classifieds, do some networking, get your resumé out there. Consult a job placement service. After a year in China, you must have some excellent marketable skills!
Once you've nailed down the job, start looking for housing. Job search and housing search should keep you too busy to have time for worry.

If you still feel anxious, try the Valium for the time being. You don't say what the dosage is. Five mg are yellow, 10 are blue. Start with 5 - if you have the blue ones, break them in half. One about 15 minutes before bedtime should help you to sleep. If anxiety is keeping you from concentrating on the job search, try taking one in the morning. Yes, they are addictive over the long term, but not in the sense that Cocaine is addictive. You are only going to use them to get over this hump. I've had a scrip for Valium for 40 years...have used them very intermittently...haven't taken one for months...am not addicted, never have been. They are useful when needed - the point is, not to come to rely on them for every little twinge!
Good luck in your searches!

I had eye lazer surgery a few years ago. The doctor offered me a Valium. I didn't want one because I was afraid to take it. I ended up only taking a half. It kept me calm. I took the other half that night and never needed any more. So, start with a small dosage and not all the time so you don't get hooked...ONLY if you feel comfortable taking it at all. I try not to take any medications at all. Try other relaxation methods first.

Take the pill, it will relax you, you're already stressed, no need to stress over the pill

my doc gave me some other crap, i would much rather have Valium....

I'm not a doctor, but Valium seems to me to be a very powerful way to solve your type of problem. I'd get a second opinion, and I would not take Valium. My husband was prescribed Valium for cancer pain!!

To address your restlessness try exercise, volunteering, paint the house, sign up for a course, get a job - even if you don't really need one, etc.

I hope this helps.

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