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My 3 year old has a fever of 101.What should I do?
I don't have any medicine to give him and this computer is the only means of communication that I have right now.His father is at work and will not be home for at least 4 more hours.He has an ear ache.

This may sound funny but if you pull on the cartilage part of the ear it will help it to drain. They will cry but it will open the ear canal Get that baby in the Luke warm bath to bring the fever down and then take the baby to the Doctor or urgent care.
Hugs and prayers Diane

You should try to see if the problem will attempt to run it's course. If it gets any higher [i.e. 102°], then you should email or instant message a friend to get you to take you to the nearest after-hours clinic.

First of all don't panic! Liquid fever reducer and rest. Keep an eye on that little one and if it goes up call the doctor.

Give him a cool bath it will help bring down the temperature and make sure you give him plenty of water. Also keep him in light clothing don't keep him all bundled up.

Cha Cha
Bedrest is all you can do right now. If you have a car, go to your local CVS.

I'm certainly no doctor, especially of children, but I'd start out by calling an emergency medivac (emergency room) place near you. If you have a computer don't you have a phone??

What about your family doctor?

While you do these things, put a cold rag on his/her head to help dissipate the heat. Keep it cold. Get a couple and a pail of cold water, then when you take one off you can rinse out another and have it ion his/her head right away.

Take their little shirt off and maybe place the rag on their chest to help cool them off.

Keep taking the temp.....it's VERY high as it is....and I'm thinking you need to get that kid to an emergency room.

Please get to doing that. Go to a neightbor, call someone...children cannot handle temps, but I don't know how high is too high for them, but I know adults can't handle much more than about 105.


Call the doctor. You'll need an antibiotic and kid's Advil. But until then, bring down the fever with a room temperature washcloth, and a tepid bath if need be. (NOT cold -- just a coller than him.)

He'll should be ok with a 101 fever -- just don't let it climb, and attend to it.

Go to the doctor.

Call 911 from the nearest phone. While waiting for help, soak a cloth in cold water and place it on your child's forehead.

Try to get him/her in a LUKEWARM bath {just barly warm} let him/her play in it as long as he/she wants to. Also keep plenty of water based liquids going in to keep from dehydration. Try to keep your child comfy so as not to be too excited or crying too much. Once my son had a bad fever and I didn't have any med. and he had been going to Church and they taught him a scripture and he repeated it over and over about 3 or 4 times and his fever went away....he said."Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world".....from the BIBLE.

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