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i have a cold, i have a runny nose, mut i don't cauf...yet.

I am looking for fast and easy remedies fo this, please help me before it gets worst, PLEASE!

Thanks!! T_T (...

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Is there a pain killer thats as strong as vicodin but not as narcotic or addicting?

I like a good shot of reality,you should try one,it will freaking floor you.Ask yourself what pain you need killed.Most often a shot a leg will cure the pain,but it is addictive

lmao dido with S

Ultram AKA Tramadol is a synthetic opioid which they mostly use in hospitals for surgical procedures. It has a much lower rate of addiction than most opiates, but the possibility always exists if any drug is abused. (I *DO* realize from the way that you worded your question that your concern is addiction, and that you won't be abusing it, but unlike Caller #1, I can READ!).

It's a very effective painkiller, but as my doctor explained, it not only has the listed side effects of nausea and vomiting, but can very quickly cause stomach ulcers in a sensitive person. It can also cause seizures if taken with SSRI or Tricyclic anti-depressants. Do some web lookups on it before you decide to ask your doctor for it, you may well decide that it's not for you. It killed pain but gave me nasty stomach aches if I took it without eating. I don't believe that they prescribe it for long term pain relief, but may be mistaken. Good luck.

Happy Holidays!

Toradol has to be given by Dr. But it isn't a narcotic but works well with inflammation. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory which if taken by mouth can cause some stomach problems. Like burning sensation. But you can also get it in a shot. So if you need one every so often for something it is a good drug.

no, the more 'narcotic' it is the stronger/better of a pain killer it is, opiates ("narcotics") work by binding to opaite receptors in the brain, the better or more they bind, the stronger and more addicting they are


Just this week, my daughter had double knee surgery. She was taking Vicodin for pain but it made her very sick. They replaced it with Darvocet but that didn't do anything for the pain.
Sorry, I can't suggest anything.

todd s
i dont think so

I would like to give you better advise, but your question is too broad. What kind of pain are you experiencing? Right know I am waiting for a root canal surgery. The pain is pretty intense. I have found Marijuana to be a safe non addictive alternative to the Prescription drugs doctors hand out like candy. They are so dangerous and addictive to people. Yet Marijuana is persecuted like it is dangerous. Even for people who have lung issue ie. asthma. Marijuana can be eaten in a brownie form. Simply make a brownie mix mince the marijuana (approx. 1/8) per mix. Cook until you smell the pot. Eat and enjoy. 2 hour for the THC to hit you. Much more pure of a buzz and more intense. Great for pain. Good luck!


Not really. It depends on what the nature of the pain is, but "prescription strength" Ibuprofen is 600-800 mg, taken 3 times a day for 7-to-10 days. Ibuprofen is available over the counter in 200 mg strength. The absolute daily maximum is 3200 mg.

Believe it or not there are actually some of us out here who need pain meds for PAIN. not everyone who talks about these pain meds is an addict abusing them. Without it our lives would be a living hell.

Sorry to the asker this is not directed toward you.
I take Vicodin for pain. If possible I try to use just half of one and many times I can get by with that. I never use more than a whole one per day. I put up with a lot of pain though just so I wont get addicted. Its when I just cant take it anymore that I take it.
So you might try taking half of one.

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