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Is there a natural way to get rid of a Urinary Tract infection without taking antibiotics?
I've been told to drink water and cranberry juice, but can i cure the infection by drinking a lot of cranberry juice? Or do I have to take meds?

Cranberry juice has always worked for me...it takes a couple of days though. Septra drugs (prescription) work in about two hours.

Yes... Cranberry is a natural detox-er. Drink at least 4 8oz glasses a day for several days. If you like Cranberry, you can buy fresh cranberries as well and just snack on them throughout the day... It cleanses your urinary track including your kidneys...
Works very well, if you like cranberries. Note: Pure cranberries 100% not the mixed with grape and orange and all that other stuff it changes the affect...

Principessa TNT
If it's minor, Cranberry may help.

Susan Yarrawonga
Cranberry juice is supposed to help but colloidal silver may perhaps be a better option.

Ii had one a few months back. went to the doctor she said there was no need for antibiotic. i guess it depends how bad it is.

No....those help ease the pain but you must get an antibiotic. Get in to the doc's please. Ask for one of those 4 dollar meds from Wal-Mart.

Kathryn R
It would depend on the severity of the infection, But to be sure that you're totally cleared up you should use medications and use the Cranberry juice to prevent it from coming back. Drinking Cranberry juice makes your urinary Tract to acidic for most bacteria to grow so it help with the prevention of the infections. But to be sure that you're over the one that you have it's best to go to the doctor so that they can give you a medication that will target the specific bacteria that's causing the one that you have. There are more than one bacteria and knowing which one you have will allow the doctor to prescribe the correct medication,

You can't cure the infection with natural remedies.
Cranberry juice is great to help prevent an infection, but once you have a UTI you need to get the right medication and take it for the full prescribed time.
Since antibiotics will kill off the friendly bacteria you need in your stomach to digest food, you may also want to eat yogurt (the kind with live bacterial culture) to replace the beneficial flora.

You need an antibiotic. Cranberry juice keeps you cleaned out but cannot cure.


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