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Is it safe to gargle rubbing alcohol for a sore throat?


NO! Go buy listerine or one of the other approved gargleing agents.

I suggest gargling apple cider vinegar. You can mix this with lemon and or honey, too, to add a more pleasant flavor. The lemon and honey is also great for sore throat as well. It will ease the pain and is also Antibacterial. You can also gargle peroxide. It will kill anything, but isn't as soothing as the other suggestion. Hope this helps.

Rev. Two Bears
absolutely not.

For sore throat; I would recommend gargling warm Sage tea, or a water of Tea Tree Oil. or warm salt water.

Yikes! NO!

It will strip all of the protective mucosal lining from your throat and possibly allow infection to spread even more after it is gone. Salt Water, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Water, Neem Leaf Extract and Water. They all kill bacteria and the last two also kill viruses. Use Chloraseptic if it hurts. But not rubbing alcohol (god, it hurts to even think about it!).


no! gargle with warm salty water. If that don"t help go to the Dr. you might have strep throat.

Paige D
NONONO!!!! Use hot salt water!!!!


you can gargle listerine though~

That would hurt a lot. Try some warm water with a tablespoon of salt and gargle that.

fg x
not at all. they put a special ingrediant in it to make people sick if they drink it. Plus it can cause blindness. Gargle Hydrogen Peroxide, the stuff that foams on a cut when you put it on. they put it in toothpaste, so it's safe. you can also gargle warm salt water.


no!! use salt water and chloroseptic spray

Only if you want to DIE
what about the label that distinctly states Not For Internal Use
Do you not understand here ???
God, people get a clue !!!
Go to the freaking pharmacy and ask-- they'll have forty choices to choose from ---and a lecture about the proper use of rubbing alcohol !!!!!

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