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Is citrus good for a sore throat?


HOT lemon water (no surgar) helps alot

Honey & lemon in warm to hot water sipped frequently will ease the symptoms.

Not really unless it's in tea with some honey to coat your throat. Otherwise on it's own citrus can burn your sore throat and make you much more uncomfortable.

It's never a bad thing to take... as it is natural and healthy but should be taken an hour before or after a meal... Raw Ginger is great for a sore throat and for a real great secret of mine... you may contact me at my e-mail address... Take care and remember to drink your 8 fresh glasses of water daily... Best cure money can't buy!!! Unless you pay $2.50 a bottle for Avian, of course!

lemon juice and honey warmed is good for a sore throat.

the vitamin C in fruit is good for cold symptoms, but gargling with lukewarm salt water will help a sore throat a lot more.

5th of Tuesday
I think the citric acid would sting or burn when you swallow. It's
worth a try, anyway.

Hey. in a way, I think that the vitamin C would be cood, but now with acidic citrus fruits. I would imagine that they would burn and cause pain.

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