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 I smoked a on saturday night and had a drug test wedesday and smoke not even .1 and havnt smoked in 5 months?
So pretty much what i am asking is i smoked not even .1 of decnt danks and i had a drug test on wededay do u think i pased??? i didnt eat all day saturday or sunday so my body was eating away my fat ...

 What helps to boost the immune system in someone that has Leukemia?
It's my father, lately he's been really weak, losing weight, he's already taking medication for Leukemia. I want to know if there's anything I can get for him to help him. Any ...

 What can I crush and snort through my nose safely?
to pretend like im doing cocaine but not really do it?

What can I crush and snort through my nose safely?
to pretend like im doing cocaine but not really do it?


 Does anyone have chronic headaches? Looking for a homeopathic or herbal remedy that really works!?
I have chronic headaches. I usually use Ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium but my stomach is starting to get pretty sensitive. Tylenol doesn't work at all and I'd like to find something ...

 Whats the best way to fake sick???? for scool of course?
without looking relly ...

 Is it okay to use an aloe vera plant on my body for a heat rash? Is it also okay to use hand santizer ?

 Any Home Remedies to Rid of a U.T.I more quickly??
Just wondering if there's any drinks/foods/etc. that will get rid of a Urinary Tract Infection more quickly....

 Surefire quick laxative?, recommendations needed?
Hi, I need a quick constpation fix.

I travel for my work, ( Flight attendant ) and need something that will work quickly and effectively before my next trip tomorrow.

This is ...

 What is it like to be on ecstasy?

 Does anyone know what the side effects of taking calcium and magnesium?

 What sleeping pills work best for you?
tell me about your ...

 Any suggestions for alternaitve therapies to help with severe pain from endometriosis?
have had this for 16 years, and tried various options: acupuncture, the pill, lupron, surgery (just again this summer) and i'm still in chronic pain. have just read that the pill could be ...

 Going to pee in a cup on monday,what is the best way to be clean by then?
I will be taken this test in the morning around 8am.what is the best way to detox my system by then.Hopefully its kind of cheap.I would prefer all naturall.
Additional Details

 My daughter has anxiety attacks. she shakes, sweats, heart beat is fast. are there any home or herbal remedies
that can help her. she is 21 years old. this happens about 3 times a month. other than that her life is pretty stress free. shes healthy, not over wieght, no smoke or drink, excercises regularly. ...

 Whats the best remedy for a hangover? I always heard in Mexico it was Menudo.?
I think every culture has its remedies for certain ailments.Does anyone have any unusual remedies for hangovers?headache?earache?athelets foot?or others?...

 Need a strong laxitive.?
Need something from around the house, no coffee, castor oil, or prunes, or flax seeds, I need something to keep me on the toilet ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL night....

 Natural remedies/herbs for a sluggish thyroid?
I believe I may have a underactive thyroid. I have many of the symptoms, but I don't want to go on a synthetic drug and be stuck on it for the rest of my life. Is there anyone here who has ...

 How do you solve persistent athletes foot sores?
I do wear socks and leather shoes most of the ...

 Headaches daily?
Getting a headache every single day for the past week.

Any cures that don't involve pain killers?...

 How do you receive (or feel) energy from another person?
Is it different from another?...

If you're going to make a parachute jump, how high should you be?
I don't want to go over like 10 or 12 feet high, cause that might hurt if it doesnt work...
Additional Details
so 12 feet is too low, can anyone reccomend a bird to get me up higher? i've never been higher than 20 or 30 feet, cause thats as high as the trees are around here...and i don't want to get caught in the branches when i jump...

for a skydiver with a C or D license (advanced or expert) the minimum opening altitude is 2000 feet above the ground. for B license it is 2500 feet and for A license it is 3000 feet. Student and tandems open around 4000 feet above the ground. this is to allow time to fix a malfunctioning main parachute and/or cut away and get on the reserve parachute.

I just a Performance Designs Spectre 210. This parachute, at least the way I pack, takes about 800 feet to open when I'm falling at terminal velocity. If I pitch right out of the door of the aircraft and open in the prop blast I might only be a few feet below the aircraft after opening.

My reserve parachute will open in 400 feet or less. they are designed to open very fast. As a skydiver, the general rule is that if I'm in the plane and we are under 1000 feet above the ground I will stay in the plane. If we are above 1000 feet, I can exit, but if we are under 2000 feet I will exit on my reserve, meaning I will use my reserve parachute without even trying my main. If I exit the aircraft over 2000 feet above the ground I will use my main.

Base jumpers have made jumps from a couple hundred feet up to several thousand feet.

The biggest factor is the packing style and the material.

I love skydiving and I hope you'll give it a try!

There are a couple websites you need to check out to get good info on skydiving.

http://www.uspa.org is the website of the United States Parachute Association, the governing body for sport parachuting in the United States. There is a list of member dropzones on the website along with all sorts of great info on the sport.

The official site for the British Parachute Association is: http://www.bpa.org.uk/links.htm
The official site for the Canadian Parachute Association is: http://www.cspa.ca/

http://www.dropzone.com is another great resource for everything about skydiving and some BASE too.

http://www.skydiveradio.com is just fun and a good place to feel like you’re at the drop zone when you can’t physically be there.

If you’re not sure about skydiving but want to fly you should look at the vertical wind tunnels. http://www.skyventure.com/ is the website for skyventure which operates many tunnels in the United States, Europe and Asia. I love flying in the tunnel. I don’t do it very much, I’d rather spend my money on skydives, but it is a great place to learn, work on my flying skills and just have a lot of fun!

Make sure that you contact the drop zone you want to jump at directly. There are a few scams out there, one of which is 1800skyride. They will take your money and send you to any dropzone they want too but only about three dz’s in the country except skyride tickets. So please, please, please contact the dropzone directly.

The tandem is a great jump. I’d get video too. I made one tandem a little over two years ago and came back to start student training (good info about student training at uspa.org) and got my license. I’ve been jumping for two years and have a few hundred jumps. I love this sport and I sincerely hope that you’ll become a full time skydiver and I’ll be able to make some jumps with you at a boogie!

Blue Skies! Black Death! and EFS!!!

van v
the hieght enough for the chute to open

10 Feet is nothing from your ceiling to ure floor is 10feet tryy

70000000000000000000000 feet altitude is what i did

Around 4000 feet.

I hear penguins fly pretty high in the sky. Just jump on the back of one and you will be set.. Just remember to dress warmly. They live in cold places.

I would say at least 4 shots of tequilla.

chute won't open if you are only 12 feet high.

YES ! I did try it.

Senator John McClain
10-12 feet, you should use an umbrella. Just don't do it where it's too windy or you'll get blown away like Mary Bobbins into a jet engine.

Armless Joe, Bipedal Foe
I'd say a couple bowls should stop the pain.

Geisha VT poser
try a pint of Kool aid and vodka.

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