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Sexi baby girl
If I drink a lot of cranberry juice could I pass a drug test??
I dont mean drugs like coke I mean marijuana.. Because I kno some 1 will say "u shouldn't do drugs"..I need to pass a test maybe in a couple of weeks I need the fastest most effecient method possibe without buying that juice that people buy at smoke shops

thanks life for the lemonade
no, nothing can make you pass a drug test. it's the same thing as trying to cheat your way through a paternity test. there's no way, it's in your blood. and it's in your hair, and you can't do anything about that. sorry.

Gary S
Nothing will help you pass a drug test. Marijuana when you smoke it will collect in the fat cells of your body especially if you smoke a lot of it. As the fat gets broken down the it releases the byproduct of the marijuana into your bloodstream where it gets filtered out in kidneys. This is then past in your urine. The test of these illicit drugs are very sensitive and you can not fool them will any juices or fluids. It will show up in your urine.

While Cranberry may help your body, I don't think it will clean out past uses.
Drugs stay in your system deeper than urine (and tract) such as hair.

MJ stays in your system at least 6 weeks after you smoke it.

I smoke MJ alot and know how to pass a drug test when neccesary. Here's how: You will need two weeks to prepare. For the first week drink eight glasses of Cranberry juice and twelve glasses of water, make sure you go to the bathroom as many times as possible, everyday. For the second week cut down how much you are drinking by half and halfway through that week cut it in half again. The reason you do this over two weeks and cut down on how much you drink closer to test time is so your results don't come back as diluted.

yeah, give that a shot....that will help the person who really wants the job to have a better shot after you fail!

Seriously, I'm not going to say that you should quit. Thats up to you. But how can you be so uninformed about the drugs that you choose to do. Pot stays in your system for about 30 days, but it depends on your bodily chemistry, body fat percentage, etc. It can take over two months. How bad do you want to pass this test?

When I was in college, I knew of a girl who taped a vial of disposable sailine to her inner thigh and manipulated it into the urine sample without the monitor noticing. This was for an investment bank job.

Blood tests have no tricks I know of.

The old standby was blood cleansers like Goldenseal and juice fasts, saunas, etc... I don't know the efficacy however.

Best of luck!

All you do is pee 1st thing in the morning then drink lots of water the Cranberry juice cleans you out as well you need to drink at least a gal. It also depends on how much U smoke as well.Good Luck

My advice is to steer clear of drinking "a lot" of anything...here is why...

what will happen is your test will come back with the result "DILLUTED" with means that you were drinking a lot of "something" (to get rid of something.)

My best friend didnt get a job becasue her test came back diluted (NOT positive for THC)...i thought this was illegal, but my research showed that it is perfectly legal...companies can terminate/not hire becasue of a diluted test result! AND this is more common than you think!!

So think about it!! - we are 25 and have never heard about this before and she smoked pot 1 night and didnt get a ob because she drank SO much water and Cranberry juice AND some uice from a smoke shop in the days before her test!! Plus, she gagged all the time while drinking that drink and in the end it didnt matter.

I am not going to tell you to not smoke pot...but in the future you have to THINK AHEAD about if yo are going to have a test or not.

Good Luck!!

Angel G
dont drink too much cause if it is dilutes you will fail. i ave found that pickle juice works the best good luck

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