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Giggly Giraffe
I think I’ve drank too much caffeine…what can I take to calm down?

Drink one cup of Green Tea. The anti-oxidants in the tea will flush the caffeine from your system in about an hr. or so.

careful on the Green Tea, its full of caffeine itself!! go for a calming soother such as Chamomile or mint. take a hot bath, put on relaxing music, drink lots of water... and try not to think about it!

Go to your local dominatrix and ask her to tie you up and then have her read chapters from George Bush's "Guide to a Smarter You's". The bonds will keep you still from jitters and the book will bore you to an immediate come down.

ummm... dont worry about it... unless your starting to get on someones nerves (including your own)!

in that case:

the best thing to do is punish yourself to solitary confinment... do this as quick as possible before someone does it for you or someone gets hurt!

Airforce Fighter
Ok so much silly anwers but mine would be water or camberry juice or drink some milk can also help : )

try to relax

a piss




Drink a lot of water and pee a lot it will get out of your system fast!

Fish <&gt;<
Time and water

Big Z

Gravol. It's seriously amazing stuff.

some tequila

drink some water

Slow down on your caffeine intake. It will take about a day to get out of your system provided you drink plenty of water.
The more water you drink to more you will use the bathroom.
I imagine you wouldn't be a pleasant person to be around until the caffeine is out of your system. Hopefully, you will learn from this and not let it happen again....
Sorry to lecture.... Just concerned... Good Luck...

You need to stay away from Starbucks

Scotch straight up.

Be aware that Green Tea has caffeine in it as well. I don't know what anti-oxidants could do to take caffeine out of your system- my understanding is that they work to sponge up free radicals, not compounds like caffeine. Drink a lot of water and don't let the physical symptoms trick your brain into feeling anxious.

nothing sorry, u have to w-a-i-t...i-t..o-u-t!!!!lol

Gaba or Valerian.

Yes the first thing you need to ask your self is the caffiene making my heart race? Then you have to say to your self i am me and i am above this, calm down like the other guy or girl have said, and get some water. If you really want to get better as not being too hyper do what i do and have some vitamin C. This should help you just a little bit more then a bath or water. Emergency C IS A diffanite antidote to caffiene it is caffienes enemy. Emergency is packed with enough caffiene to make you feel great and takes the caffiene out of your system by the minerals that it contains all heathly minerals of course. To calm your self down completly you might try Brewers Yeast you can find this in the health food store and no it well not grow a root in side you as some dumb *** who didnt know what he was talking about told me false information about the product. Brewers yeast taste nasty by the way and you might get a hot flash as a side effect it is normal when taking it for the first time. It is a common caffience jumpy healer.

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