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My family is silly and won't be serious about it. PLEASE HELP. :) THANKS....

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 What's a good way to feel refreshed?

 My mom has had 3 UTI's in 6 wks. i would like for her to try acidophilus but she is on a lot of meds how do.
she is on coumadin and i 'am concerned on mixing meds with the acidophilus but she is 84 yrs.old and and keeps getting the UTI'...

 What herbs are great for anxiety??

 Plan b pills with drugs..?
if you take the plan b pills
then hours later can you
or would it be bad if you smoke weed???

no rude comments please??...

 What makes some people love cannabis?
What's the benefit? Thank you so much for your opinions!^^...

 Figure out what this pill is?

 Hayfever - natural remedies?
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 Eye floaters?Do they ever disappear?
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 What will happen if I feed a rat with stimulative Herbal tea?

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 I need help with migraines?
I found out from my neurologist that i have an intracible migraine (a migraine that wont go away) i have had it since sept. of 2003. she has tryed everything out there to the point where she started ...

 Vitamin problem?
I suffer from Iron problems. I've been taking allot of vitamins for it. The only thing that my Dr. suggested I do is eat allot of meats, I dont like meat very much. What other foods would be ...

 Is it time to legalize drugs?
I think some illegal drugs may do a lot less harm than many prescription drugs, what do you think?...

 Why does chicken noodle soup cure the common cold?
Why and How?...

 Your stance on Mary Jane (Marijuana)?
legalize it? what do you think. I'm writing a research paper and I'm curious to what some other people think. Please don't hesitate to post. K...

I found a small white round pill with a line on one side and KO on other i cant find it can someone help me?

Helen H
Why do you need to find it..unless it is somewhere a small child may find it..never take a Pill that has not been prescibed to you.

Did it look like this?


Throw it away, taking pills that you find is very dangerous.

Why? Do you need to take it?

Dude, it's estrogen. Throw it away unless you want to grow knocks.

Edward W
if you found it why worry about what it is, put it in the tash FOOL!

YOU HAVE LOST ME. ARE YOU TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS And if so why? or did you find it, then lose it and trying to find it again? why would anyone be so concerned about a pill anyway?

Anthony R
I know someone who can help you...a doctor

Smoking decrease's the oxygen in your body which leads to memory loss.
Good luck.

Take it to a pharmacist


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