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I found a pill and I don't know what it is...any help?
its round and white and says re 20

take it and find out

Beetroot Yourself
Nobody could answer that, even is they saw it.

go to a pharmacist and ask them what it is.

can you post a photo?

Don't eat it, that would be stupid.
It's not worth wasting your time, just pitch it.
Who cares what it is anyway? Are you dying from not having a special pill or something? I didn't think so.

get rid of it - :)

If you think your friend/child/parent/relative/acquaintanc... is doing drugs just ask.

The Answer - A. Iverson
Don't take it whatever you do. If you really want to know what it is take it to the pharmacists and ask them. They are the experts, I don't know what it looks like so i can't answer you.

dani m
they are heart medication called Atenolol.

Dawn R
might be lexipro. call any pharmacy and they can tell you

You don't NEED to know what it is. Pitch it.

im not sure. try googling it

It could be any number of medications... abilify, acetominophen (eg Tylenol). Check out this website to see if it helps:


y does it matter...just throw it away

Trash It Now!

Hey, It's Just Me
Here is a website that might help you


If you don't know what it is...DON'T TAKE IT!!!

Fritz T.
Throw it out because you don't know if it is expired. Expired medicines can hurt or kill you. I knew a lady who took some old vitamin pills and ended up in the emergency room. If you are just curious any pharmacy tech or pharmacist can help or go to your local library and look for the medicine handbook. Peace.

you can go to www.drugs.com and enter in the information on the pill and it will identify the pill for you

if you really want to know take it to a pharmacy.

That is actually easy to find out.

Atenolol 50 mg


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