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I can't swallow pills, can i crush them?
is it okay to crush pills?
what about a centrum complete vitamin?

it is very diffucult to get the best of the pill when you crush it. when taking a whole pill, you dont get most of it anyway because most of it becomes waste. so if you crush a pill and dilute it there is really no point in consuming it.

stop it
if you crush them, they will taste worse and be harder to get down then swallowing them ever would be. just throw the pill to the back of the throat and chug some water. done. its that easy!

soon to be mrs J * 25/11/08*
i was told they have to be swollowed whole,because crushing them makes the body absorb it to fast,so the tablets dont work as well.

Buy the chewable ones... most pills over a chewable version these days.

Lauren C
if your having an issue swallowing pills, because of gagging, try practicing on tic-tacs. Thats how i learned to.

depends on the type,

just keep trying and eventually you will get it =P

Finally Going Insane :-)
depends on if they are time Release...ask the pharmacist

Nursing Student
It is safe to crush pills as long as they are not time released, extended Release or enteric coated. Your should be able to find this information on the outside of the bottle or if it is a prescription in the information the pharmacy gives you. We do it at the hospital all the time. Several of our elderly patients have difficulty swallowing. Also we crush pills in order to give them to people with feeding tubes. I have found that it is best to mix the crushed pills with apple sauce.

shaik z
if it is a capsule kind then u should not crush. some tablets can be crushed but not all, u need to consult the doctore before doing so....because some pills have a chemical coating on them which prevent ur mouth from ill effect and immediate effects ....so beware and think and ask physician before doing such things...

some pills are meant to be digested in a special way...like outer area first then the inner area...for good effect of the chemical..

you can crush a pill as long as it is not extended release

As long as they aren't enteric-coated or time-release, you can crush them.
The main problems are that pills are designed to be swallowed whole (unless they're chewable, which is a different story), and that is how you will get the most benefit. However, if that's not an option (which is the case for a number of people), you could crush them, but you might not get as much of a benefit as if you swallowed the pill whole. There's also the sometimes huge problem that the contents of many tablets/capsules taste absolutely horrible when they are broken apart (when you can taste them).
One main thing to note if you have to do this is to be very careful about taking herbs that are spicy (especially like cayenne) because those can burn your mouth.

I know I used to absolutely hate taking pills when I was young.... I couldn't even swallow a teeny-tiny pill when my mom put it in jam (I would always get it out somehow, whether I tried or not). I realized over time that it was a subconscious idea because I couldn't chew it, even though I could swallow a huge chunk of caramel without problem. One day when I was in enough pain, I just said screw it and tried to swallow a couple Tylenol.... eventually, I got it down.
What I had to do was fill my mouth with water, put the pill in the water, then just swallow all the water in my mouth in big gulps... it works really well for me that way, and now I can swallow several pills in my mouth like that. Good luck!

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