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I can't make a bowel movement ..?
it's been two weeks !!please help.. i feel sick and i can't think .. what can i take .. i really need to go!..
Additional Details
i'm starting to throw up everything I eat.. and my stomach is so big i'm scared.

Psyllium husk mixed with a bit of Soy milk... I usually have to "go" about twenty minutes after drinking it.

You can also steep a cup of senna tea, but not for more than a minute or two. It's STRONG, and will cause your colon to contract, which will force a bowel movement. Drinking too much or steeping it too long can cause you more trouble than it's worth, though; you'll likely cramp up.

You're probably feeling sick because of all the toxic buildup sitting around rotting in your colon, which can absorb into your bloodstream if left alone for too long.

Doctors are always my last resort, but... erg, two weeks is a bit much. It's up to you, of course... I'd try to remedy it myself first.

go to the ER,then regularly drink Kyogreen it tastes awful but will keep you regular,and add some fiber to your diet

I would call a doctor or nurse for advise they probably will have you do an enema, but somethings not right please see or call a doctor.

two weeks?? you poor thing! its time to get drastic, an enema or a liquid laxative. i take the ones in a glass bottle flavored cherry or lemon, like the kind you drink before a surgery, and make sure you drink TONS of water afterwards. dont be afraid to go to the doctor, something else could be going on...good luck!

eat a tin of prunes and drink prune juice

try some tomato juice, that or some castor Oil, although you really need to see a doctor, its been 2 weeks, you could have a bowel obstruction!
good luck and god bless

Drink Karo Syrup , the dark kind is better, or just pancake syrup.
Drink about 3 tbspoons full or more.
Sip on hot fluids, eat an apple.

Drink a lot of water and walk as much as you can.
If it has been 2 weeks then a harsh laxative will cramp you a lot so see if you can do without that to start with.
You can try a fleets enema and a ducolax suppository which might help you get started. Hold them as long as you can. You can get these anywhere without a perscription. If you do get started then take a mild laxative...milk Of Magnesia. If you will eat any kind of greens, turnip, spinach, kale anything like that....a couple of good servings...that will help too. If you are on pain medications or some other medicines they might be slowing down your bowels. Once your bowels do move you need to keep them regular to have a BM at least once a day. You can keep them regular by water, exercise, eating greens and/or prunes. If you are on medication you might ask the doctor for a stool Softener. If you are throwing up do not wait one more day...go see a doctor if you cannot get them to move today!

Doug R
This works for me - drink a hot cup of coffee. Follow it with a cold Dr. Pepper. If that don't start your system, you need to go to the doctor.

Sherri M
Go out and buy one of those huge Yogurt bins. The largest sized ones on the bottom shelf of the yogurt section in the dairy area. Double check the expiration date. Choose your favorite flavor. Eat up. Quit eating solids for a while.

If that did not work, you need to see a doctor. Gastologist.. something they are called to check out that department in your body.

PS you may need a toilet plunger, probably will back it up (the toilet).

Vonnie S
Go to the hospital so that they can give you an enema. Why did you wait two weeks before doing anything. Of course you going to feel sick. You are probably compacted and only an enema will help you. Good luck to loo

Immediately go and see adoctor--

After s/he gives you the go ahead--in your normal every day diet--I would do this--immediately after every meal--drink a cup of very hot water--use a spoon to cool the water enough so that you can drink it--this will really help with your digestion..I have done this and it has worked--

Also--you can try yoga--sitting in certain positions is great for constipation-- Also--ayurveda is suppossed to be good too--where you take certain natural herbs--consult someone who knows something about it--I am just getting into it... here is some info...

Yoga is a science. The power of yoga is infinite. Yoga can heal many problems and ailments. There are lots of yoga poses (asana), which help the whole body.

Constipation is a common problem. Everybody in his or her lifetime faces this problem at some point in time. This condition should be treated or else it could lead to many more serious problems. The main problem with constipation is that the stool becomes hard and the person is unable to pass it with ease. Yoga could help a person to overcome constipation. The following asanas have proven to be helpful.

Bhujanghasana: This asana helps in removing constipation, gas and helps in digestion.

Trikonasana: Helps the colon and assists a person to pass stool normally.

Ardha Matsyendrasana: Increases the digestive fire and relieves constipation

Supta Vajrasana: Helps in digestion and relieves constipation

Home remedies for relieving constipation:

Take one glass of milk while going to bed at night, as this helps in passing stool normally in the morning.

Take at least 2 glasses of warm water in the morning and go for a small walk; this would help in relieving constipation.

Taking 2-3 glasses of lemon juice with warm water 2-3 times a day helps lessen constipation.

Taking 1-2 spoons of Aloe gel will relieve you of this condition.

In Ayurveda, triphala churna helps in relieving constipation. It must be taken along with water or milk before going to bed.

In short, do your yoga asanas everyday and relax for a healthy life.

Good luck:)

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