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How much water should i drink to pass a drug test?
today is friday and I just quit smoking weed,I have a drug test to take today.The last time I smoked was last saturday.Within the time period I have prolly drank about 4 gallons of water,3 just yesterday.My weight is about 150 lbs and im 6'2,so im pretty thin.I also exersice regularly.
Additional Details
I only smoked about once a week before i quit.im also a light weight so it doesnt take that much to get me high.its been 7 days since i last smoked.

you're screwed...no amount of water will help you at this point...

start searching the want ads buddy, you're toast

next time, stay off the weed, there's a reason you're tested for it

living the life
crack is whak
pot is just plain BAAAAD

Water will not help, nor will golden Seal Root at this point. THC stores in your fat cells and it takes approximately 30 days depending on your body fat , there are products available , even here in the bible belt, that will clean your system in a matter of hours. Look for one with a money back guarantee such as "Ultimate Gold" it is a liquid drink consumed along with water and works in less than 1 hr.P.S. I recommend quitting permanently and then you won't fail a test anyway ;)

Patricia S
Since you say "prolly" instead of "probably", I'd say you're still high. This is too funny! First time I've seen someone slurr their words in print here on ASK. LMAO!

Mariza M
you shouldn't have been using in the first place

Dr. Robert Rice
drinking excess of water will not help. what happens is you will increase your blood volume, and excessive toxins will bind to the water and be filtered out through your kidneys and will then be eliminated in your urine. THC (or TCH, I always forget) is a toxin and you will excrete it. But it takes just a very light amount to pick it up (only a few ppm).

I'm glad you are taking the initiative to stop because there is a reason they test for it. You're most definitely not going to pass. I would be honest with your employer and say that you are definitely quitting and are currently seeking help. Remember, being weak is not a crime. Choosing to ignore your weaknesses might be.

okay, drink tea first...its a diuretic and will fluch your system quicker. Take golden seal and a double dose of golden seal 1 hour before. Good luck. THC levels are not reliant upon when you quit but instead the quantity that you smike. If I smoked today by monday I would be clean but if I smiked today, tomorrow and the next day I would need at least a week fr the levels to drop.

Lake Geneva.

Thanks for asking!

ok what u need to do is get those pills that make your skin burn. i think it's called nicodin-if i'm not mistaken. it all depends on how much u smoke on a regulary basics. it normally take about 1 month for your system 2 clear but if u r a heavy smoker then u need to go 2 gnc and ask 4 nicodin and drink lots of water. if u can drink beer, whatever it takes to clean u out,but i guarantee the pills will work. don't go and take this test unsure. check out gnc and don't let them give you any type of pill. go in there like u know what you're lookin 4 and ask 4 nicodin--i know i probably spelled it wrong but try that 1st..good luck!!!!!

Drink applecider vinegar will clean ya out.

I've never tried it but. I've heard that pickle juice helps you pass drug tests. Drink about two jars you should pass it. My brother swears by it, he has done the water thing but it didn't help as good as the pickle juice.

Funny thing about drinking water is that it will dilute the sample and techs are onto this. If you're taking the drug test for a job, I'd say your out of luck. If it's for parole or such, your in deep doo. All those "tricks" to passing a drug test is just that, tricks. It takes approximately 30 for the THC to leave your body. Some employers use hair sample testing, so water definitely won't help. Your best bet is to not do it. It is illegal after all.

Don't worry
You don't need to drink a lot of water, buy detox drinks!!!!

It does not matter how much water you drink it will stay in your body for up to a month. It is so funny what people do to try and pass drug test.

You're not going to make it. It takes days to remove residue of THC.

Sorry, dude.

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