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How much does Adderall sell for on the street?
I need some cash. How much do capusuls of 20mg or 30mg sell for? Howabout 5mg pills?

no BS about ethical. If I sell, I don't wanna be gypped.
Additional Details
Adderall is amphetamine salts, prescribed for ADHD because stimulants assist concentration. However, even for people like me WITH the ADHD, it does act like speed. I'm prescribed it, and I'm addicted, and I hate it, so I don't recommend it. But I do need cash.

Look, I have a job. I need more cash. If I go to jail, so be it. THAT IS NOT THE QUESTION. It may be true, but obviously I don't care that much.

No one is going to want that...get real

I didnt know that they were a big deal on the streets. So what does it do to people that dont need them

id say donate your plasma if u r 18 y/o u get at least 40.00 and u can keep your pills. i wouldntsell my percs and somas to any one i need them.. i guess addreall gives u energy if u r not adhd? i thinks its illegal to give u medicine to anyone. be carefull save a life go donate your plasma!

Whoa im not acting high and mighty at all i was trying to give u another alternative than having to get rid of your pills. i had to donate plasma before to get milk for my baby so i know how to rough it u must of misunderstood me. well hope this isnt acting high and mighty check out care credit you can get creditfor health care expenses just basedmaily on your income. it works like a credit card they give u a limit like 3000 and u can use it for any health procedure. and you shuldnt assume i never said or typed in that i was high and mighty i dnt know where that came from?? no one is perfect we all get in little jams no big deal were human. sheesh

sell in large amounts only if you want money for around 4$ per and tell them its worth 5$

honda man
If things are really that bad for you, then you can always kill yourself. It's your body, you have the right to choose.

You're going to jail pal.

Allison P
A girl in Mississippi just got charged with possession of Adderall. It's a Schedule II narcotic. She's in big trouble over one pill.

whats that?I looked up your drug and you might as well fulsh them down the toilet. bunk shi t

for 30s, 50 cents - 2 dollars a pill, depending on the person of course, but some kids will pay up to 5 dollars a pill

Oops your account has been suspe
$2-$5 per pill

|m|(&gt;.<)|m| MeganManic
That is so illegal.

But a 30mg can sell for about 3 dollars.

But I've got better advice.

Christina F
They go for WAY more around college campuses especially during final exam week!

However, normally around where I'm from, it's generally $1 per 10mg. You could maybe sell the 30s 3 for $10 though.

Shoot, I wish you were around here! I could sure use some!

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