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Jamie W
How much cranberry juice or water would i need to drink for it to clean out my system, and will it work?

Andrew W
you have to drink vinegar, it works the best

William T
No, it will never work. It will just make you pee a lot. It won't beat a drug test either, because they will take your hair and know exactly how much you've used in the last two to six months.

If these so called remedies worked, do you really think the jails would be crowded with drug users? Think about it. It won't work. And unless you are drinking PURE Cranberry juice, all you are drinking is sugar.

Stop taking drugs, then you won't have to worry about cleaning out your system.

Tea, just plain hot herbal tea cleans me out. I dont drink it for that reason, I drink it because I like it, but it has antioxidants. Also, there is this stuff you can buy at any pharmacy...I had to drink it before a colonoscopy. With that stuff everything will be out of your stomach within a matter of hours. You can buy it over the counter, I just dont know what it is called.

Lots and lots and lots! What........ do you have an upcomming drug test? But will it work, NOT ALWAYS!

J. M.
You would need to take your weight (in lbs) divided by 2, and that amount would be at least the number of ounces of water to intake daily in order to clean out your system.

Doug M
The only thing water or Cranberry juice will do is dilute your urine. This will just tip off the people that are testing your urine sample, and they'll just use a more sensitive screening process. Now you can always take some Niacin as well to make sure your urine is at least yellowish, but the problem is that it makes it neon in appearance.

no i dont think Cranberry juice and water will clean out your system like all the way.... but you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, and maybe replace 2 cups or add 2 cups of Cranberry juice a day.

depends on what you mean by clean out your system. if you mean drug wise then it will not work.. you not only need the flushing of your system but you need time. also there are tests for drug usage where they can check your hair and it shows something like the past 2 years. if you are talking about for a uti or something like that you would need an anitbiotic in addition to the cran juice but it will clear up in about 2 days

Cranberry juice is said to be good for a urinary Tract infection. I don't know how much you'd have to drink. With water, have a couple of tall glasses and that should be enough. Check your urine. If it's clear, you're getting enough water and probably more than enough. It should be light yellow. I'm not sure of what you're trying to clear out of your system, but being well hydrated can't hurt.

The only remedy is time. There is nothing you can do to clean out your system better than being patient and waiting.

ice cream lover
its not good for you idiot. no it wont work

lastminute girl
Depends on how much you weigh....

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