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Steven D
How long does marijhuana (one joint) take to get out of your system?

If you have to do a drug test you're probably looking at about a month. There are other factors which might effect this time frame but I would at least bet on a month. As a former correctional officer I can tell you that most of the home remedies don't really work, so if this is something important to you JUST SAY NO. Good luck.

Tab H
Approx. 30 days.

30 days

Anthony V
depends on how they are planning to test if it is still in your system. blood test? about 3-4 weeks in your system if you're not doing much to get it out. less if you are skinny and are exercising and drinking alot of water....Cranberry juice works well too accompanied with the water. FYI they can take a hair off your head and test that as well. doesn't matter how much you try to drink water or Cranberry juice and exercise it's still going to remain embedded in your hair until that hair falls out or is cut past the length of what it was when you had it in your system. for that...there are shampoos that will help rinse it out of your hair

Never because your always a dummy for smoking one.

idk...does it look like i take drugs...too pretty for drugs

I depends on how much body weight you have over the normal amount but it usually takes 2-3 days in combination with lots and lots of water and Cranberry juice...why just one? HEE HEE HEE

It can take up to a month. It can take less than that though.

Depending on how much you smoked, about a week. Although the drug will still be in your blood in trace amounts for a few weeks, your body will have eliminated most of the THC pretty quickly. I smoked once and took a drug test (urine) a week later, passes no problem.

Good luck

Up to 30 days, but I'd say you'd be fine in about 2 weeks. Drink lots of water and exercise because THC from marijuanna is stored in your fat cells. Herbal or Green Tea really helps to clean out your system. You can also try drinking a tablespoon of vinegar every four hours for one day. Or, go to the pharmacy and buy an over the counter bottle of Niacin (about $4). It speeds up your metabolism and helps process the THC out faster. Take two in the morning and two at night for two days. DO NOT TAKE ANYMORE THAN THAT!!!! Make sure you drink 2 glasses of water with it and eat with it. You may turn really red about 15-30 minutes after you take it and feel like you are burning or have a really bad sunburn, but that goes away in about 20 minutes. Hope this helps.

30days.Don't believe the hype.Drink vinegar and water to help it leave your system quicker.

pot stays in your system up to a month or more, if u are not over weight and u just smoked one joint and thats it it should be out of your system in 3 to 4 days, if u dont believe me ask my parolle officer, also if it is that important u CAN pass a drug test if u drink about 2 gallons of water and urinate 4 or 5 times inbetween, the water will bloat your stomach and possibly make u sick but u can pass test,

*urine 30 days even if you drink lots of water
*blood depends because the thc gets stored in fat cells and gets released slowly into the blood stream
*dna - forever

drink lots and lots of water. about one day

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