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 Does sleeping pills have to be prescribed??
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 Help a soldier with, some advice!! IM SICK!?
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 When is the last time they, us, scientists...whoever!! actually CURED a disease?
any disease at all!
Additional Details

by "cured" i mean eliminated from human experence .....yes.."...

 How do you know if you have ADD/ADHD w/o being tested for it??
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 Anyone know of something I can take for back pain and severe muscle tightness without having a prescription?
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 My age is 60, my prostate is slightly enlarged, suggest remedy in homoeopathy?

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it is not a cancer confirmed by ...

 Another hangover!!?
i feel mingin again! (thats bad if you dont understand)
i feel like this dfngdfsivhsfejvhnatkjvndsfjbndslkg!...

 Does anyone use antiperspirant?
Everyone take a note......Stop using anti-perspirent. Just use deordorant. Why do we purposefully smear aluminum into our most tender area where are lymph's are? Because of sweat? We need to ...

 What vitamins are good for calming nerves?

 My mother suffers rumitoid arthritis she has pain every where, what can help? is there a cure?please help!!!?

How do you make a homemade emetic (to make you throw up)?
Other than the powdered mustard in warm water, does anyone else know what will make you throw up if ingested? I am looking for things that can actually be used if someone would need to vomit. I am a 140lb male by the way...therefore not bulimic.

Diet Soylent Green
Smoke a cigar and inhale it HARD. Lol.

If raw eggs gross you out, that would most likely do it.

Crack a raw egg in a glass of orange juice and drink it .

I don't know any, but to force your fingers into the back of your throat. This causes and instant gag reflex, which is the bodies way of getting rid of things. Sorry don't know any other trick, although injesting a large amount of salt water may cause you to vomit.

Well if you said you needed to do it because of food poisoning then I would understand, but since you mentioned the word Bulimic it makes everyone think- hummm he is Bulimic. I suggest you see a doctor. it doesn't mattter what you weight. Bulimics can be skinny or fat.

1/3 cup baking soda, 8oz warm water, 1/2 minute works for me usually

Why not just use what they sell in the drug stores? Syrup of Ipecac. It is used to induce vomiting after ingesting poison.

simple.just mix a LOT OF SALT in water and drink.In a few minutes u'll throw up.

Jack S
Drink a small (a few drops) of liquid dish soap in a class of water. That's what my grandmother used in the event she need to treat one of her kids or grandkids.

I've used liquid mustard and water, but that is probably not what you were looking for.

There's also Ipecac...


p.s. just b/c your a male and weigh 140 lbs does not mean you couldn't be a bulumic...many men have that disorder...I'm just sayin'

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