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 How to help constant tonsilitis and what's having tonsils out like?
Hi! I have suffered 2 years of having tonsilitis every 3-5 weeks and it has been ridiculous. I am now waiting to have them taken out, but have to wait another 6 months before this will happen. Has ...

 Need to purify my blood any suggestions?
Heard maybe garlic pills or some other type of herbs, etc. Any ideas??????
Additional Details
Trying tro do such to help w/ clearin ...

 Just had my gall bladder removed but still have constant reflux. can anyone help?
i am not in pain but my mouth is awfulas the reflux coats my ...

 How to make own sleeping pills?
is theres any other way than buying the pills.
maybe made it from herbs or what ever ingredients....

 Does natural detoxification really work?

I found this site a few days ago, and am seriously considering undergoing this treatment. I've been plagued with near-constant stomach pains and headaches and ...

 I am in need of a cute, straight to the point name for my massage therapist business.?
My family is silly and won't be serious about it. PLEASE HELP. :) THANKS....

 What is a good home remedy for burns from the stove?
My son burned himself on the stove and got a little blister but it hurts him. help please!...

 Best supplements for low energy level?
I have a lack of energy, headaches, and wear out easily. I want to work out more, but I am exhausted all the time. I know that I am depressed, as well. Suggestions for natural remedies, supplements, ...

 Has anyone tried hypnosis for weight loss, and did it work?

 What's a good way to feel refreshed?

 My mom has had 3 UTI's in 6 wks. i would like for her to try acidophilus but she is on a lot of meds how do.
she is on coumadin and i 'am concerned on mixing meds with the acidophilus but she is 84 yrs.old and and keeps getting the UTI'...

 What herbs are great for anxiety??

 Plan b pills with drugs..?
if you take the plan b pills
then hours later can you
or would it be bad if you smoke weed???

no rude comments please??...

 What makes some people love cannabis?
What's the benefit? Thank you so much for your opinions!^^...

 Figure out what this pill is?

 Hayfever - natural remedies?
I am currently taking antihistamines and a nasal spray but I still have really tired itchy eyes and nose. Any ideas of natural remedies I could use as well as the antihistamines?...

 What is a good NATURAL way to fall asleep?

 Eye floaters?Do they ever disappear?
any personal experiances?...

 What will happen if I feed a rat with stimulative Herbal tea?

 What is the best product to use to boost your Immune System?
Suffering from frequent colds, they are not allergies, and I do wash my hands and all that good stuff....

How do you get clearer eyes (whiter whites)?
I eat organic, exercise, sleep enough, drink lots of h2o...

but what other things would make your eyes brighter??

There is an herb called "Eyebright" and sometimes comes in an eye patch at health food stores..... Check closely if you are taking any other medications that may react with it though...... :)

connor d
stop doing drugs it shows i would no

My mom used to tell me to eat more carrots to make my eyes better.

Electron Blue
Get eyedrops. There are many that are for the purpose of making your eyes more clear.

Visine takes the red out, you can also use navy blue eye liner or even white eye liner.

Well you can put eye Drops in. Or you can put a dab of red lipstick in the corner to just make them look whiter.

Bear Naked
Crack a raw egg over your food....it will give you a shinier coat too!

Natural tears eye Drops help to reduce redness and are less harsh than Visine.

Lady Scientist
eyeliner with a blue base (doesn't have to be blue, just in the "cool"tone family) will make your eyes appear whiter.

Put cold cucumber slices over your eyes for ten minutes every couple of days. It will reduce bags too. And quit smoking if you smoke.

I have found that whenever I use organic flax Seed Oil daily (2tsp orally) my eyes whites get whiter. Also dull eyes are a sign of the liver needing detox or avoiding food, substances or drink that taxes the liver. It sounds like you already are doing that.

Allergy medicine, enough sleep, visene to moisten them. If you have an odd eye color your whites could appear yellowish depending on your skin tone. Consider spending more time outside to darken your skin color :P

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