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How do i soothe a finger i burned on a hot pan?

Rub Raw Potato(peeled)on the burnt area for 7/8 minutes...it really soothes the skin.. :)

madasamy k

the first action you have to do is to put ice on your finger immediately,then after that apply a suitable abti-burn cream i recommend for you either Bepanthen cream or Flamazine cream twice daily.

and it will get better.

put mustard on it, seriously. it'll burn for a minute but it pulls out the burn and makes it heal faster.

Dermoplast spray . . . it is awesome for burns and cuts. Sorry

Nick Fury
Cold water immersion immediately, followed by a gel burn treatment. If you don't have any treatment stuff lying around, you can put ice in a dishcloth and hold it to the burned surface.

ouch. :(

Minor burns?
Put tootpaste it can suit & cool the affected
areas & dnt rub it.

Aloe is the best. Clinical studies have shown that that fresh aloe gel speeds the healing of wounds and burns and also fights bacteria that cause infection.

The website below has a recipe for aloe gel that you make and keep in the fridge.

You can also buy aloe gel at most drug stores.

Take care of that burn! Owwweeeee!

Put aloe vera on it or lotion that has aloe vera on it.

The finger hurts because it's still hot and burning. Run it under cold water for a really long time until it doesn't hurt anymore.

There's also a product called "Burn Free" that will take the heat out immediately after it's burned.

After the heat is totally gone, Bag Balm can help the burn to heal faster. Don't put Bag Balm on the burn until the heat is all gone because it could actually seal the heat in and cause it to burn more. diaper Rash cream like Desitin should also help it to heal faster.

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