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How can I make my body less acidic. I know eating fruits and veggies but how much and what else?

Additional Details
doctor does a saliva test each visit and Iit is always acidic.

Larry L
Breathe only through your nose. Breathing through your mouth leads to overbreathing which lowers the amount of carbon dioxide in your body and causes you to be acidic. This is based on the Buteyko breathing technique.

Eat Chlorella S, its a kind of aglae & its akaline food. U can purchase it at watsons. Any veggies that r cooked r all acidic, so eat raw veggies (eg.salad) for alkalinity. Im on a company's product for Chlorella myself. When we are born our body r actually alkaline. Its good to intake akaline food especially for those who had alot of seafood (like myself).

bryce k
milk, veggies, seeded fruits, fiber breads, drink more water. be careful. women need to be more acidic than men because it helps fight yeast and fungal bugs in the uteran and urinary tracts. too basic and you'll start growing funky things. you should go have a pee test done so they can check your ph level before you do anything to make sure it is out of whack.

Susan Yarrawonga
Three good foods that are very alkaline are Barley grass, wheatgrass and Alfalfa. You can get powders and tablets at health stores.

LOL !!!!
You CANNOT change your body's pH. Your physiology is designed to keep your body at pH 7.4 and anything you do to try to change that will either make you very sick, or will be quickly corrected. "Alkaline" and "acid" foods, breathing through your nose, all these are just nonsense and fantasies. They WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. Take a course in human physiology and learn some real facts about how your body works. You will soon understand why this whole notion is ridiculous.

To answer mynx: Who performed this "acidic test"? How was it done? Why do you think it is reliable? What do you THINK it is measuring?
I can assure you, with 100% certainty, it does NOT measure the pH of your body!! To repeat: YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR BODY'S pH !!

Eat a lot of fiber!

I am responding to OPUS you are not right to say that you can not change your body to alkaline from acidic maybe you should take a simple nutrition course to find out the true facts i know because i have done this recently. My body was so acidic that when i took the acidic test it didnt even change color like it should have now i am right where i should be. So to answer that question download a list from the internet and try drinking lots of lemon juice straight about one litre in an hour on an empty stomach it tastes horrible but works trust me.

The herb Alfalfa can alkaline the body.Acis forming foods includse,alchhol,Asparagus,beans,brussel... foods,avacodoes,corn,dates,cocoanut,fres... fruit,freah vegitables,honey, maple syrup,molassis,mushrooms,onions,raisins,... are more,but this will get you started.From the book Perscription For Nutritional Healing.

Consuming animal products decreases pH (causes you to become more acidic), or so I've read. So eat your fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, and nuts. Sharply reduce animal products and see if that helps.

I went to the internet an printed out a list of foods that were alkaline and acid. When I go shopping I try to by as much alkaline as possible.

You do not have to eat a total alkaline diet, you do need some acid in your system. It eat a 70% alkaline to 30% acid.

You should see you alkaline test at the doctors on a scale of 1 to 10 be around a 7 for a normal digestive system.

People use apple cider vinager with mothers to help add alkaline into thier diet as well. Lemons and Limes are good also. These two friuts enter you body as acid then breakdown to alkaline.

Good luck, It should not be that hard to do.

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