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can strep just go away without taking antibiotics? can i just use a chloraseptic spray or something to cure it?...

 Why are my underarms burning and peeling despite using hypoallerginic deodorant?
Serious answers only please! If you are a smart elec, please move on to the next question.

For about 2 months my underarms have been chemically burned and then peel every time I try to ...

 Whats the best thing for a really bad headache? I've taken so much Excedrin my belly is nauseous?

Gunnar P
Dose smoking weed do girls like it?
dont know

♦it's me♦
no it's disgusting and unhealthy

Jen L
i think it's DISGUSTINGGGG. i have lost many friends to it. and i told my boyfriend that if he ever even thought about doing it, i'd break up with him. it's sooo gross. and it's not even good for you..

Standard Disclaimer: **If you are within the U.S.A, taking any substance that has been outlawed by the U.S. Government could result in arrest and conviction. This post does not advocate any illegal action.**

Weed (the Cannabis plant) has been used by both men and women. Some people like its effects, some people don't.

Dj L
well, it makes you ask questions like how you just did... so im gonna go with, no.

♥ boomchich ♥
Through my experiences and my friends and families' experiences, most girls don't like their men smoking weed.

Some girls do, but i doubt you'll find a girl you like that likes you smoking weed.

LOVE it.
But it's gotten some of my friends into harder ****, which I definitely do not approve of.

No drug should ever be in the hands of a conformist.
Still, there is absolutely nothing wrong with weed.


Yung G

I'm a girl and I smoke weed every so often if I find myself with people who have it. It's alright. Not a BLAST but it's pretty chill.

from my experience, alot of girls do love it, and a lot of them don't, it all depends on what type of crowd you hang with

a few of my friends that smoked dated girls that didn't smoke weed, and they didn't mind

im not sure if your asking if girls like it when guys do or if girls like to smoke.
over all it depends on the girl. some girls will hate it not try it and hate that you do it. and some girls would love to light one up for you
its just like anything else it depends on the person

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