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Does weed help with pain?
A friend of mine told me that she smokes weed cause it helps with her pain. Does it really help pain? Cause I have bad back pain but I dont wanna just start smokin pot without knowing it helps first.

Bella Boo
are you serious? so youre thinking of becoming a pothead like everyone else in this world because of your back!! it's called a chiropractor suga......

smoking week is never alright and just because you excape pain ....you can do that with pain killers you need to talk to your friend before its too late

Pie Man
Yeah, just take an Advil, dont start smokin. But yeah, it does, I was makin pancakes and my buddy just came out from hot boxing and grabbed it out of the pan. Crazy shiz

i smoke, but dont do it because " it helps with pain" because then you'll get addicted, and only smoke for that reason. weed should be smoked for fun and to relax.... and yes it does help.... it makes you forget.... when i was on my period like a few weeks ago... i smoked and it made me forget about my back/body pain.

so yes it does help, but it does not cure!!!!! and please dont smoke just to make you feel better... do it because you wanna have fun. other wise your gonna get addicted

Ginger B
i heard it numbs you

Oh yes it helps very much.. just be careful buying it!

Go see your doctor first. Bad back pain can be the symptom of any number of problems other than muscle spasms or stress. Find out what's causing the pain before experimenting on your own. While marijuanna CAN help with some forms of pain, it can also intensify others. If you haven't smoked or ingested it before now and know how it affects you, I wouldn't advise it. Everyone is different.


Totally. It should be offered to serious pain patients as a matter of course.

Trini Souljah
yea it does

"You_Annoy_Me" you are so damn stupid they do sell it but they sell it as a pill which has thc in it and thc is found in weed that is why it helps people use weed to fell good

chris c
its kinda like drinkin it nulls pain for a while

Earth to Doris
It used to, but I haven't had any for quite a while

sure does everyone should do this when in a bad mood or in pain

Sleep deprived
It helps my severe back and neck pain caused by muscle spasms.

A friend's husband had shoulder surgery and he swears it works. though your trade off of being somewhat incompetent may not be the best solution.

drive to mexico and get yourself some cheap vicatin over the counter.

Yes, there are some opioids but there are better and more legal ways of coping with pain.

Not really. Sometimes it can accentuate the pain, because you're really focusing on it ("tripping" on it). For pain I recommend Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Or if your doctor is benevolent with his power of prescription, then there's a whole cornucopia of pain relievers that would put half of L.A. into la-la land.

weed helps everything

Yes, marijuana is a great pain Reliever. It isn't NOT addictive, or more precisely, caffeine is more addictive than THC (the active component in Marijuana) according to government funded studies. It also has no side effects except drowsiness and increased appetite and in a few cases short term memory loss, so it's a wonderful pain Reliever. You shouldn't take it however if you are bipolar, or have some kind of severe mental disorder like schizophrenia because it can alleviate your symptoms (according to recent studies). You also shouldn't smoke it during the first trimester of pregnancy, as it can cause miscarriages.
If you have back pain and you know what is causing your back pain, you should not be afraid of smoking marijuana in your own home to help with the pain. Please don't smoke and drive though.

A friend of mine has MS and says that weed helps her pain more than the medication prescribed to her by her doctor. Go figure.

yeah it does

it is great.

the weed does help with those cancer and AIDS patients who are trying to not to have naseua.

Yes, it can. A very small amount can help, so it's not like you are stoned out of your mind all the time. And hopefully, you get physically better with time and don't need it anymore.

It ABSOLUTELY helps!!!!!

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