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Does blowing cigerette smoke in someones ear really help ear aches?
my dad used to do this when i was younger supposedly it helps with ear aches/ear infections is this true?

mom of 2
It is not the smoke it is the heat. A blow dryer on low will do the same. I personally favor a heating pad placed on the ear.

That's what Phillip Morris told me....

elijah please

its is all in the mind,
try turtle babs sugestion .it sounds the heaviest ,so it must be true

I have never heard that but if you take a teaspoon of sweet oil ( that is virgin olive oil) which you can get from your pharmacist then you can heat that up with a lighter and when it is lukewarm NOT HOT, you can put a few drops in the affected ear. That will soothe it. Make sure you see the doctor though if it does not get better as you do not want an ear infection.

Yes, that is an old wives tale. The warm moist air of the breath is the "ease of pain" factor. Temporary ear ache can be treated with a warm cloth, cotton in the ear to keep the draft/cold out, etc. If it persists, seek medical attention. It is sometimes caused by an infection elsewhere in the body. Good hearing is invaluable. Don't neglect taking it seriously.

The Mr. Pine
I doubt it.

the old tale is that warm air being blown into the ear will help a ear ache and it does actually work!!

OMG,,,,,,,,, when I was small my dad also did the same thing to me of course this was over 40 years ago.. and I don't think the ingredients were as harsh ,, but yes I do remember that it did feel better , maybe it was just the warm breath but I remember it did feel better,,,, good luck and thanks foe the memories

NO, It is a myth. Actually the smoke you are blowing in there ear is a major factor in kids getting ear infections. Smoking around children ( cars, house, on your clothes when you go outside to smoke) increases your children's chance of getting ear infections and asthma 4 fold. To answer the queston, the best treatment for pain of ear infections is Tylenol, Ibuprofen and topical ear Drops such as Auralgan ( Benzocaine). Actually, antibiotics are becoming less favorable in the treatment as well. A few recent studies have shown no harm or time to cure with withholding antibiotics and just using pain control. Antibiotic are still recommended in children under 12-18 months. The best natural way to cure ear infections to prevent them, DON'T SMOKE IF YOU HAVE LITTLE KIDS!

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