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Does Niacin help rid your body of THC?
THC is the testable substance in marijuana. I have heard that a few large doses will cleans your body of it.


Jennifer B
Nope, if you have a drug test you have to pass you best stay outta the weed dude!

Not only doesn't it work, but you might be sensitive to it (not allergic) and develop a hell of a rash from it. I'd say, skip the dope for a few days and then get tested (if need be).

I color outside the lines
ok..you're about HALF on target. Niacin speeds up the metabolism a little, which burns fat. THC is stored in fat, it's a fat soluble substance. Drug tests do not test for THC, they actually test for cannabinoids, receptors that receive THC. If that level is too high, like 50 ng/ml for an assay and 15 ng/ml for a GC/MS test, that is considered postitive. Niacin will also dilate the blood vessels causing a LOT of people to get "flushed" . You can purchase flush free Niacin, but some people have said it doesn't work as well to increase metabolism. The only way to get THC out of your system is to burn it off. Drinking water increases metabolism, which helps to speed up the process a little. But you can't flush THC out of your system with water. THC is fat soluble, not water soluble. The only thing drinking water does in regards to drug testing is with water soluble substances like Cocaine and meth.
But seriously, taking Niacin for that purpose is basically the same equivalent as taking diet pills. Don't waste your time.

I smoked pot. the next day I had a UA. I took Niacin with lots of h2o. and guess what I passed. Just don't take to much you will turn red.

Jill S
Umm - NO. THC is a FAT SOLUBLE substance - which means there's no getting rid of it til your body burns that fat for fuel (usually within 60 days). There is no way to "flush" THC from your system.

I know one that passed a test within 3 days, but he took massive doses of Niacin to do it

No, it won't. There are websites that can tell you how to pass a drug test. Don't go to the ones where they try to sell you something.

Search for 'drug tests'. You'll also get sites that sell the tests for small companies. You can buy them cheap and see which method works best.

Anything that you buy that has you drinking lots of water, it's the water that dilutes the "THC", but a test which has too much water will be rejected.

Drug tests do not actually test for THC, BTW. THC comes out in your stool (schit). What they test for are amino acids, or enzymes, or something, that are produced naturally, but increase when you smoke weed. If the level rises above a set amount, they consider that hot. Only a lab can determine for certain what drugs you've taken.

One site claimed that a few drop of Visine in your piss will cause a negative test. There are other substances that also work, but drug tests screen for more and more of them (like bleach).

Another tip is not to give a sample from your first piss of the day. You should also get your sample from mid-stream. That is, piss a little, get the sample, finish pissing in the toilet.

Why is everyone downing maryjane?
just buy a piss cleansing kit online and everything will be set

Nope. The ONLY thing that gets THC out of your system is TIME. And drinking lots of water and Cranberry juice is just a myth too. Sorry. But you shouldn't be doing marijuana anyway!!

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