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Do you know any herbal medicine that could cure UTI??

Pure Cranberry juice and lots of water. Also, stay away from sugar which will help the infection grow. Pure Cranberry juice can be purchased at any natural foods store. Make sure that it is not mixed with any other juice or sugar. It is very tart and hard to swallow at first, so I recommend taking shots of it every 1/2 hour or so and chase it with water. Antibiotics can really do more harm than good because they can kill beneficial enzymes in your digestive system that will impede the healing process. For many people, they're symptoms will return after stopping antibiotic treatment.

ambrosia d
You don't absolutely need antibiotics. Cranberry juice has been proven to help, it is a natural antiseptic. Also, if this is a recurring thing, it may be due to candida, an unfriendly bacteria. In this case you should take probiotics and a herb called Berberis. If you do decide to take antibiotics, you would do well to take probiotics in order to restore your natural flora. Get well soon, do take care!

natural Cranberry pills and plenty of water...too much bacteria inside your urinary Tract that cant come out..i used to have them a lot and i went to an alternative medical doctor he recommended me to lay off alcohol, coffee, sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy products...Good herbal teas for uti are fresh Parsley tea and Uva Ursi (also known as bearberry)

crannberry root .....boil it w/ very lil water .......cool and drink

herbalist/pagan for 22 yrs

Herbals can cure infections sometimes. If the UTI is caused by yeast, especially candida then Acidophilus can help restore normal floras along with drinking alot of water. It's probably just as easy and faster to take Fluconazole 150mg tab as a one time dose. UTI's caused from bacteria generally respond to Cranberry capsules nicely. The tannins in the cranberries prevent the bacteria from adhering to the walls of the bladder. Cranberry juice often is high in calories, and the capsules offer you higher concentrations without the calories so that would be my recommendation. Once the infection becomes systemic the only way to cure it is an antibiotic and usually an IV antibiotic. A person that continues to have an untreated infection that spreads thru-out their system becomes septic. Sepsis can kill. But sepsis usually occurs in the elderly, infirmed, and the immuno-compromised populations so unless you belong to any of those groups you might just want to try Cranberry capsules, 2 caps tid or three times a day for about a week then as the directions tell you.

Antiboitics, plus dried cranberries (more potent than the juice), and "UTI Compound". You can buy "UTI Compound" at some natural food markets. It comes in a small vile with a dropper-top. It has stuff in it like Juniper berries to increase your urine output.

contact lef.org. they have many ideas to support your immune system so u don't get the utis in the first place.

cranberry & Garlic pills

I am a doctor of East Asian Medicine - herbal doctor.
Chronic UTI has lots of causes. Important thing for herbal treatment is to understand for bioenergy(ki or chi) flow, not for
chemical function. General principle is 1. to improve water flow in lower body. 2. to decrease heat production in lower body. 3. to help the herbals to work in lower body accoding to your body condition. Please remember such sentence is never meaning as this - some kind of herbal is good for UTI. If you are really interest in herbal treatment , please give me the details of your
body condition. The form of chech-up will be ready in "www.harabiclinic.com. -> for foreigners Q&A.

Free Spirit
Cranberry Pills work wonders and drink Cranberry Juice
Good lock

Doctor B
I personally have cured UTIs and kidney infections with a combination of highly concentrated Cranberry Extract along with about a half gallon daily intake of Cranberry juice, preferably unfiltered. Of course, other factors might play into this like age, general health, family history, number of traumas in life, lifestyle choices, work or family stress, etc.
Dr. Bartels

You need to go to a doctor and get antibiotics for a UTI, because if it is not treated, it can spread to your kidneys and cause a much worse infection.
But, I've found that drinking lots of water and 100% Cranberry juice, in addition to antibiotics helped me out a lot when I had a UTI.
Hope this helps!

cranberry juice and lots of water will help but a few doses of antibiotics will cure

I heard that Cranberry juice and lots of water help.

Use lots of Vit C, about 2000 mg a day and also Cranberry pills orn juice

antibiotics are really the only way

i dont think there is anything effective. Cranberry juice can help to prevent UTIs in the future if you get them a lot, but i wont get rid of an active infection

you can take Cranberry pills. They won't cure it - you need an antibiotic for that - but they'll help you recover faster and ease the pain. Azo also make an herbal supplement that is supposed to help.

Herbal medicines are herbal aka placibo. They work by making the body think its geting better. They have scanty evidence that is why they are called herbal it could work or it could not. if it were positive to work then it would be medicine try to stick to some medice.

If it's really severe, get antibiotic which work quickly to prevent the infection from progressing to the kidneys. If it has just started, take 1/2 -1 teaspoon of ground Cinnamon (mix in unsweetened apple sauce or whatever to prevent choking) every 4-6 hours or as often as you want. Cinnamon kills e-coli the most common cause of UTI. Drink Cranberry juice frequently and take Cranberry capsules. Cranberry juice prevents the bacteria from sticking to the bladder and helps flush it from the bladder. Diluted Essential oils rubbed on the abdomen are also helpful. I use all three of the above and cure my UTI.

I use d-Mannose for mine. It works really great if you follow the instructions and not so well if you don't.

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