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douglas g
Clogged arteries...natural foods to unblock.?
Ads state that a balanced diet,moderate intakes of red meat,fish,vegetables and oatmeal can reduce cholesterol.
But what foods/spices/vitamins natural protects can actually
'unblock' clogged arteries?

The Yellow Knight
Natural foods can include onions, oats, Garlic, some types of pepper.

But, if you're looking to prevent, you obviously have to cut down on red meats, butter, etc. Also, stay away from chlorinated water or water treated with Fluoride. Both can damage and scar your arteries, which actually make it possible for them to become blocked after plaque build-up. If you live in the U.S., it can be hard to abstain from water treated with Fluoride, as all tap water in the country has been treated with this chemical. If you take a shower, be warned that you could in a effect be damaging your arteries (via pores in your skin). Also, try buying bottled water. Good luck!

allen a
yep, there is a solution.check out a product called Serratiopeptidase,sold under the name of serraphase.find the info at sedonalabs.com

Garlic, vit. e, cayenne pepper

I've read good things about Chelation therapy.


Susan Yarrawonga
Fish oil and Garlic both help.

Perhaps a web search for "high cholesterol" + "natural remedies" might be useful.

kim s
There is a very good book I read called "You Are What You Eat" by Gillian McKeith. She has a section on how to alleviate many conditions with natural foods. If it interests you, I suggest you pick it up.

Unblocking arteries sounds like it would require a long term solution. For the time being, I would say, try drinking more 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices. These don't have to be just apple or orange juice. They can be mango, pomagranate, pear, strawberry, kiwi or pineapple juice, or various fruit combinations. For vegetables, you can try drinking V8 juice.

You may also want to take up walking, as it's a good exercise that just about anyone can do, be it for 5 minutes a day (for the very overweight) or 20 minutes a day. It'll help spruce up your circulation.

The mom
There are no magic foods that can dissolve the plaque that blocks an artery. The only thing diet can do is reduce the amount of cholesterol that is floating around in them, adding to the blockage. That and eating less fat to begin with are all you can do. If an artery is completely blocked, you are looking at a surgical procedure to quickly open it up before there are major problems. You don't have time to play around and experiment with home cooked remedies.

I have found that chick peas (made into hummus)
Green Tea
it would even help if you went vegetarian diet for a few weeks and that will work much faster
and of course limit of caffeine etc:

What no one has mentioned is that the body will naturally clear arteries over time, but this takes a very long time and very strict adherence to low-fat, low-cholesterol diet plus exercise to help. Some people (and doctors) extoll the virtues of fish oil extract and Niacin. Go research those.

Alex F
This might seem like an odd answer to you, but from what I've seen the number one dietary thing to avoid heart disease is to avoid chlorinated water.
When you drink Chlorinated water, a biochemical process occurs which causes plaque in the arteries to develop, and there is a suprising ammount of evidence and research for this theory. (along with anecdotal evidence including GI's who drank super chlorinated water in the korean war having extrelemy high heart disease instances, and heart disease not really existing prior to water chlorination in the US).

The other prevenative measures are fairly common sense. Don't eat deep friend food from mac donalds. Excessive vegetables and fish are preferable to excessive sugar soda and red meat etc etc etc.

The only substance I personally know of (so I am by no means discounting the other possibilities) which has been shown to work is Hydrogen Peroxide injected intravenously. This is a more extreme approach however, so I wouldn't advise doing it casually.

Capsaicin (the active ingredient in Chili peppers) might work since it can do extraordinary things with circulation (including bringing people back from heart attacks), and I read a book showing that Garlic (provided its in a kyolic preparation) is really good for getting rid of excessive cholesterol (this one was based off of a lot of scientific studies).

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