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Can you refuse a pelvic exam when you go to the doctor?
I honestly don't think docs have the right to be up there...and it gets on my nerves that women love going to the gyn to have pelvic exams.

you can REFUSE anything from a doctor, and anyone else for that matter, that is your freedom of choice that our service men are still fighting for.
semper fi!

Yes of course it's your body. They just won't be able to give you an accurate analysis of your female health.

You can refuse any medical treatment, however, it might be wise for you to find a doctor that you are comfortable with. Your health is very important, and a lot of things can be wrong down there without you ever knowing.

You can refuse, but I don't recommend doing so. If you keep going to the same Dr. they don't need to do one each year, unless you are high risk.

you can refuse any exam, but I don't think there is any alternative way to check for cancer etc.

Of course you can refuse a pelvic exam, but an annual one is highly recommended--just to make sure all is healthy. I personally don't know women who love pelvic exams. They are not exactly pleasant procedures.

In order to assess and maintain your health as a female it is imperative that you have a pelvic exam. Diseases of the female reproductive system can lead to early death. It is important as a women that you understand all of your anatomy so that you can tell if changes that indicate disease are present. If the fact that your gyn is a man is a problem, get a female gyn, they understand exactly what you are going through and can be excellent gyns in ways a man can't understand. But take good care of all of your body and live a long healthy life

Georgia Girl
you can refuse..but why would you..there are so many diseases..including cancer that you could have and you can't find them without an internal exam. The doc does have a right to be up there to find these diseases. don't personally know any women that love pelvics..unless they love the peace of mind that they have when they know they are healthy.

Sure you can refuse any procedure...it's your body. But I gotta ask, are you crazy???

What do you mean you don't think docs have "the right to be up there?" Where does that come from in your thought process? What happened to you in your life to give you such bizarre ideas about the human body? And believe me women don't LOVE their gyn exams, but they do LOVE not getting cancer and they do LOVE being healthy and painfree and they do LOVE having healthy babies.

So don't have a pelvic exam if that is your belief, but I sincerely hope that some day you don't live to regret it. AND don't turn around and sue your doctor because he didn't force you to have the pelvic that might have saved your life OR the life of your baby.

AsianPersuasion :)
Yes. It is YOUR body. They cannot MAKE you do anything.

first off women do NOT love going to the gyn...it is a necessary evil:( But you do have the right to refuse any exam.

Don't refuse the exam... if you are uncomfortable, maybe you need a new doctor? There are plenty of female Gyn's and nurse practitioners who can do a pelvic exam. No one "loves" them, even with a great doctor... sounds like your friends are just trying to talk you into getting your checkups.

Skipping your exams would be very foolish and self-destructive... many serious diseases including many forms of cancer can be caught early with pelvic exam procedures and related tests, and early diagnosis really can save your life. Here's the real question, and this is no exaggeration: would you rather have an annual pelvic exam and pap smear, or would you rather undergo radical surgery and chemotherapy that might be too late to save your life?

well when u go to the gynocologist that what that is...a doctor that checks ure pelvis..believe me u'll want to go to these if u knew how many diseases they have seen and know? get ureself checked its the right thing to do. if u feel they were unprofessional then that is something different but until they offend u they have to check u for cancer up there and it could mean saving ure life!!!!

Bear Naked
You can refuse medical treatment and examination. It is your body!

amber waves of grain
You can refuse it but the doctor will wonder why you're wasting their time.

of course you can refuse.but why would you want to refuse.would you rather have cancer?

Yes, ofcourse.

You can refuse ANY exam or treatment but why would you want to gamble with your health like that?

The doctor is palpating your uterus to check for any lumps that might be malignant(cancerous).

I know. I'm an RN and assist in gyno exams.

Trust me. I have only known ONE woman, that actually enjoyed it and SHE was a mental patient.

I really don't think most women LOVE going to the gyn. But it is part of life and it could save your life by getting routine exams. And when you get pregnant, you better get used to them.

Yes you can. The patient always has the right to refuse care.

Yes, you can refuse any procedure. If it's during pregnancy, it's a good idea to refuse because there is nothing they can learn by doing an internal exam that predicts the future.

Pap smears can reveal early signs of cervical cancer, so you should try to manage at least that. If a different doctor or nurse would make a difference to your comfort level, or having them explain why they want to do things, ask them.

Nathalie D
Sure, you can refuse any type of examination you're not comfortable with but why would you when you go to the GYN.
As a woman and having many women friends, i don't know anyone of us who LOVE getting our annual exams. They are not pleasant or enjoyable but we go because we want to make sure if anything is wrong it will be caught early. If the examination bothers you maybe you should consider a female doctor.

yes. usually if you are told they need to do a pelvic exam it means for your own good. if you are not comfortable than dont do it. just remember to take good care of yourself .

Well of course you can. You can refuse any medical treatment. Sadly (as much as I hate those damned things.. they are vital to staying healthy).

Sure you can...but if there is anything wrong, they will know and hopefully catch it early. They are only "up there" for your health, not for their own perverted satisfactions. Just ask for a woman doctor and you will probably feel more comfortable.

If you don't like it... don't go.
Personally, if something is wrong, I wanna know it!

Idriann L
You may not think you want to be poked and prodded in those areas but there are dangerous illnesses and diseases that can be caught with regular check-ups, even if they are mortifying. You can refuse but you're putting your life on the line.

purple rain
umm.... i don't know why you would go the gynecologist and then refuse the pelvic exam. You might as well not even go if you are going to do that. What's the point?? And another thing I have NEVER met a woman that even likes much less loves getting this exam done. It is one of those things that you just have to do
if you want to get birth control and to make sure that you are 100% healthy. I mean do you really want to die of cervical or uteran cancer just because you hate the gyno. I know I don't!!!

Ivanhoe Fats
doctors can only do things with your permission
you have no obligation to let them do anything to you

Big Bear
Yes, you absolutely have the right to refuse.
But having pelvic exams for women is a way of life.
They have to check for STD's, Cancers, and when you get pregnant, they are a fact of life.
Find a woman gyno. They understand women better.

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