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Can orange juice help for a cold?
I have a cold and also a huge craving for orange juice. Would orange juice treat my symptoms?

Orange juice cannot help a cold. It does not relieve symptoms. When drank regularly, the Vitamin C in OJ can help build up your immune system, but it will not get rid of an existing cold. Try Echinacea or elderberry supplements instead- they will work to atleast shorten the duration of your cold.

No it will not, you should actually avoid juice when you are sick.

Read this page for more information: http://www.mercola.com/article/colds/colds.htm

william b
vitamen c is pretty good when combined with Zinc to help fight colds,on it's own it also helps to keep the free radicals out of your system,enabling you to get better quicker

sure . it works.

candi k
they say vitamine c can prevent colds, personally covering your mouth and making sure others do when around you can work just as well. viruses cant be treated, that is a cold there is no cure just prevention for the virus.

Yes, drink plenty! Vitamin C is supposed to help the immune system and your body needs fluids.

drink as much OJ as u want. It is packed full of vitamin C so it will help u get better faster. Feel better soon!!

Orange juice is better for preventing a cold. Eat some Chicken Noodle soup and drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest

orange juice contains vitamin C and vit c increases body resistance to infections and it helps or prevents other complications from cold

i dont think it can cure a cold . but vitamin C taken regullaly does help

Orange juice has vitamin C. Vitamin is good for colds. It is interesting sometimes I will crave orange juice or oranges and drink or eat more than usual of it. Then suddenly I come down with a cold. I am not a doctor but maybe my body is telling me that I was lacking Vitamin C therefore I needed it, didn't get enough so I got sick.

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