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this guy
Can just drinking water actually flush THC from your system?
i have heard that drinking the BIG alhambra bottle of water in a day will flush your system. short of having to pee every 5 seconds, does water really do the trick, or is it a myth?

NO vinegar is the nasty way to clean it out but it is better to not do it and think of your kids and what you can do for your man and women kind

if you drink alot of water. like 2 gallons or so a day for like a week & a half it will clean out your system. theres other ways to flush your system

the t.h.c. is stored in your fatty cells,and is almost time released through your body when you actually burn that fat.hence taking 30 days to get out of your system.you could dilute the t.h.c. by drinking lots of water,but most of the time they can tell and still count it as a dirty test.there is a way around that though.eating peanut butter and drink lots of water adds weght to the urine and gives it an undilluted urine test....but that is still being worked oin as a working theory.ive herd of cops who get tested usually have a small peice of straw..melt one end add a drop or two of bleach,melting the other end shut.then when comes time to test...they would peirce the straw and drop the drops of bleach into the urine killing all evedence of drugs in their system,...good luck.

water will not flush thc out of your system. thc is fat soluble not water soluble. water can dilute the thc in your urine to a level that a test wont detect.

Alexandrea Ziegler
it takes like a month if u drink allot of water and Cranberry juice

Taha good luck with that. TCH is stored in your fat cells, so you have to work out like Hulk Hogan to sweat it out of your fat cells, and drink enough water to flush it out of your system simultaneously.

So techinically it is true that you can drink water but you have to exercize too. How much THC did you ingest? and how often? I have the book of laws here that says:

One time use: 3-5 days till its out of your system (by doing nothing)
Heavy use: 10-14 days (by doing nothing)
Extremely heavy use: 20-35 days (by doing nothing)

So i dunno i mean if your gonna get tested i would go to your local head shop and get that detox drink. other than that, hit the gym and sweat it out!

hello,,depends on your body fat and the amount of weed you smoke!!the THC is stored in body fat,,and stays around for a while in your system,,if you are skinny it is usually hardly noticeable even in blood work,,but if you are say "chunky" and just sit around and get high, you will not be able to just drink that stuff out of your system,,exercise and good metabolism is the key to maintaining a healthy body,,don't smoke it,,eat it!!


Susan Yarrawonga
It is probably a myth.

Perhaps web searches for "marijuana detox" and "thc detox" might be useful.

Tanya W
yes, it can help, but you should know that most drug tests are sensitive to dilution - they can tell if you're clean because you drank a few gallons of water. watch out for water poisoning too.

I wouldn't test that theory right before a drug test.

Alex F
I should note that if you drink too much water too quickly it's fatal since it lowers the molar concentration of your bodies fluids. I don't think drinking lots of water is a very good pot detox plan, but if you are planning to, add a little bit of salt to all the water you drink, otherwise it can lead to health complications!

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