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Can I Take Vick's NyQuil while pregnant?
Im 32 weeks pregnant and i have a really bad cold, i asked my doctor what medicene i could take and he said Vick's Nyquil or Dayquil. It doesnt seem right to me though cause nyquil is some strong stuff.

Sandra U
Try increasing your water in take. Flush the germs away. There is no cure for the cold anyway and it is hard to know the difference between colds and allergies.
I would also check out your cleaning supplies. You might be more sensive now to the chemicals.More natural the better for you and baby.


Robitussin is the only safe one that I know of.

I would ask your doctor what you can take. i think tynol though is ok. but i would still ask your doctor.


Fireman "T"
If he says it's okay. I like Advil cold and sinus it works great. But, you have to take it every four hours. The symptoms come back about every three hours but, for the time it's working it works great. Hope you feel better!

The way I see it is just because your pregnant doesn't mean you have to put biology on hold...I say take it...forget the politically correct...I'm sure being miserable isn't condusive to a good pregnancy...my one suggestion would be not to take the nyquil because it has alcohol in it...instead take Tylenol cold capsules...non alcoholic and more cold medication per dose...unless it's the nyquil liquidcaps, but they are very weak compared to the liquid version or Tylenol cold...Tylenol cold...uber shtuff..

That has alchohol in it -- big no-no.

just home remedies better
any chem is bad

Phoenix, Wise Guru
I don't think NyQuil has the same ingredients it used to. They changed it to keep it on the shelf instead of behind the pharmacy counter, so it might not be so "strong" anymore.

I would not. Rub Vic's vapor rub on your chest and also drink lots of vitamin C drinks. Take tons of vitamins too.

Just because you pregnant lady don't mean you should take any of Vick's stuff. Go buy your own Nyquil

Tylenol, Robitussin and I believe Benidryl are safe, anything else you should calll your doctor for...

nyquil hasa large amt of alcohal in it. I wouldn't go near it if I were you. I have heard that sudefed is safe, talk to the pharmacist they might be able to help/

bill l
read the instructions.

If the doctor said it's OK, then I guess it would be. Read the label to make sure or get a second opinion

Do not take it! plz just let your cold ride out

read the bottle if it says not to then dont but if ur doctor says its okay it should be okay hes a doctor and he should know that ur pregnant and he wouldnt tell u too if its not safe to

I wouldn't if I were you! I had 2 colds when I was pregnant, and I just tough it out! My doctor didn't want me to even take Echinacea.

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