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Best way to cure a bladder infection?
What is the best way to help cure a bladder infection, without using Antibiotics?

Elizabeth H
Years ago I was experiencing an extremely painful bladder infection. It was evening and I had a mandatory class to attend. The local health food store recommended a combined tincture of Golden Seal/Echinacea. I didn't have water, so about every 20 minutes, I put a dropper of the tincture under my tongue. At the break I drank lots of water and continued to drop the mixture under my tongue. It was a three hour class. By the next morning all symptoms were gone. This mixture is a natural antibiotic. My family and I have continued to use it for our infections. It's worth a try. The mixture tastes terrible, its a medicine, not a treat.

Amberlyn H
Drink a lot of Cranberry juice It worked for me but it depends on if its really bad or not, if it is you may want to got to the doctor. As for the bacteria you should try douching.

did you say infection & no antibiotics? Take a lot of water & try to flush it out, may take a long time & let your body defence to work. It will quicker if you took antibiotics like doxy.

Drink as much water as you can.
Cranberry juice.
Take some Aspirin if you are not allergic to it.
Sit in a tub of warm water.

Jon and Ari P
drink TONS of water, take a lot of vitamin C and drink Cranberry juice. and pee whenever you feel the slightest need. don't hold it in.

I'm sorry but there is no way to cure an existing bladder infection without antibiotics - but you can prevent future ones with Cranberry supplements and drinking lots of water each day.

Cranberry vitamin supplements are better than Cranberry juice (which usually has so much sugar added, because of how bitter it is naturally, that the amount of sugar itself could weaken your immune system). I used to get bladder infections all the time but in the past few years I started taking Cranberry supplements regularly (if I did it as I should, I took them every day) and now I very rarely get bladder infections - that's a good record...Cranberry really DOES work.

Also, drink LOTS of water during the day, or some drink that is mostly water...the recommended 8 glasses a day. I drink a lot more water now and that helps as well, since it keeps everything flushed out. I hope this helps!

Drink 100% Cranberry Juice. Also eat yogurt.

I have used Cranberry capsules with fantastic results. No side effects and the infection was gone in one day (but I continued the Cranberry for 5 days.) The Cranberry makes the walls of the bladder and kidneys inhospitable, so the bacteria can't hang on. Cranberry juice is not as good because the bacteria actually feed on the sugar (no sugar is in the capsules.) Good luck.

You will have to use antibiotics to kill the bacteria that is inside your bladder. It can cause a kidney infection if you don't use antibiotics.

Drinking water and Cranberry juice only help with the symptoms, but they don't cure the infection.

once it's an infection you must get the antibiotics, or can turn ugly. for prevention, Cranberry juice and vit c keeps the bacteria from clinging to the walls of your bladder so they can't reproduce.

Some bad info here. As one respondent said, you need antibiotics. A bladder infection can ascend to the kidneys, leading to pyelonephritis, a much more serious infection. Chronic, low grade pyelonephritis can cause a gradual burnout of your kidneys. This is one of the reasons young people develop kidney failure and need a transplant.

Yes, many bladder infections may resolve spontaneously, but you're playing Russian Roulette with your kidneys.

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