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Are there any medical benefits from bathing in urine?
I read an article that said fresh urine is good for the skin. It was an article in a serious journal and not a comic.

actually you should bath in cow urine, it's clinically proven to help cure many diseases. Also, it helps if you drink it. Of course that's ******* up and disguisting! But seriously, It does help.

Funny enough someone was telling me the other day that her mum used to wipe her newborn babies nappy on her face as it has excellent minerals in which give nice skin. Obvisouly not a poo nappy! But the urine has real good properties. But from what she said it has to be the wee of a newborn baby. But fair play, the girl who had the nappy on her face has great skin and she's 27 and looks about 18! Wouldnt fancy trying it though. An adults wee is too full of chemicals so doesnt have the same effect

urea in urine is used against warts I think... or hard skin on feet.

Well, urine is supposed to help athletes Foot. I think all you'd have to do is pee on your feet in the shower, though. I don't think taking a urine bath would be that fun. :P

i doubt it, but if you really wanted to then go ahead:)

Snow Angel
I haven't heard on any benefits from bathing in it... there are some ideas about drinking it but I can't see how they work as urine is the removal of toxins from the body...and drinking it would put them straight back in again..

..for some reason nappy rash comes to mind when i read this... I figure that if it's not good for babies to have it on their body... how can it be good for adults?

Roy M
urine is waste that your body is getting rid of. why would you want to bath in it? if someone told u that rubbing your bowel movement(****) on your face was good for acne would u do it? the only time that urine is good for anything is if you were dying of thirst and you didn't have anything to drink and it would kill you after a few days because YOU ARE DRINKING WASTE.

bernie c
I don't think so have heard if you get stung by a jelly fish it is good to get someone to pee on the sting

I have read that fresh urine, I mean your own, is a good cure for poison oak/Ivy, but nothing about it being good in general.
and I read this in a serious article.
infact it was in the herbalism course I am studying

It would take about thirty community blocks to fill a tub with "urine"
If you take vitamins the iron in the urine may turn you somewhat darker after twenty, or thirty years. I would like to know the name of the journal?
The only thing I know that works is "tomato juice". That is if a "skunk" sprays you. Leave it on about twelve hours and then peel it off. If you live in an apartment, look for another.

I don't know . Why don't you have a full immersion urine bath a day for 6 months and come back and tell us . All in the interests of science of course.

Arnt you supposed to drink it?

dude if you think it will help and are willing to do it more power to you, cause i aint gonna try it anytime soon

Troubled Joe(the ghost of)
why waste it in a bath. drink it. it contains excess vitamins from your body.

Only if you have a very bad case of Athlete's Foot or Head lice. Or if you like living alone.

Buckaroo Banzai
Soaking your feet in it can help get rid of athlete's foot.

No it wont do you any good and you would stink unless you showered after YUK!

I doubt it. And even if it was where would you get enough fresh urine to bathe in?


ok. i wouldnt say BATHING in urine but, it is true that if you have a small cut or scrach, you urinate on it and the wound will heal up withing a few days or hours! (old indian trick........ take it from me, im indian)

This sounds smelly an impractical. Where would you get enough fresh urine? People used to bleach their hair with stale urine (chemical reactions produce ammonia, which is what makes stale urine stink). I'd bathe in aloe vera if I were you.

Since urine is the waste from the body, it will also have certain benificial ingredients which are discharged from the body due to an excess level in the body. But mostly urine contains ingredients which the body rejects. Why bathe in urine when pure, pure water is available. Some even drink urine saying that it has therapeutic effects. Yet again I say why drink urine when there is pure, pure water and if you're bored with water you can have a cup of coffee, or tea.

There's no conclusive proof regarding this.

yes you will get less stress from people following you around
you will stink that bad they`ll all stay away

Crazy Climber
Urine is poisonous waste from your body, so no, besides how long would you have to collect it for! size of average bladder=350ml, estimate bath=300,000ml sooooo..... you would have to colect urine on 857 trips to the toilet!

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