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 What natural or alternative things, herbs, and foods will reduce high blood pressure. Was just told I have?
early stages of retinopathy that is either related to blood sugar problems or more likely he feels hypertensive retinopathy.

My blood pressure started running in the 155 to 170 or so range ...

 How can I get rid of headaches naturally?
I tend to get headaches on almost a daily basis....I do eat a lot of chocolate, have a lot of anxiety, and I've pretty much had headaches since my early teens. I get them very easily and it'...

 Not sleeping "soundly"?
I have always slept really well, but in the past few months, i can't remember but 2 night i have slept all night. I am feeling the repercussions. I have heard good things about melatonin (sp?)......

 Why do multivitamins make me sick?

 What is a good way to naturally get rid of the heart burn that I get everyday?
I take tums and I know that milk is supposed to be good, but I want something to totally rid my acid reflux without having to go on a perscription med....

 What is Chemical Romance?
I saw a member with name "Chemical Romance", what does this mean? And I though about Electronic Romance. It could be romance over the internet. But chemical.............. why did he/she use ...

 Any correlation between vaccinations and autism?
Just currious to know what you think?
If you are a parent what are your concerns and thoughts?
If you are a parent with a child with autism, when did you start to notice the symptoms?

 Is there a home remedy or alternative medicine for hay fever ?
My nose allergy or (hay fever ) is killing me ..HELP me please !.. And if you you no about any over-the-counter medication I would'nt mind to :)

 Home remidies for a cold?
And sore throat, and stuffy nose?...

 I don't want get sick this winter (cold). I am drinking alot of orange juice and taking 1000mg vitamin C.?
Do you think this is enough or should I do something else?...

 Help me find Herbal medicine of chinese formula "Hoatau Pills". It cures aging human problems?
This medicine treats well blood pressure and aging problems of human body that is normally common in old age people....

 My grandmother is constapated.?
My grandmother has lung cancer she gets Kemo and Radiation therapy weekly.She is in severe pain and she is perscribed Percocet 5mg she says they work good for pain.This is the second pain killer she ...

 What will make my scars fade??
I was a self harmer for 7 years and i have got quite bad scars on various parts of my body. I have stopped for a while now (have some hic ups once in a while). They are fadeing but very slowly and ...

 Is it safe if someone was to sleep hanging completely upside down?

 Good herbal medicine for cancer?
What is good herbal medicine for cancer?...

 Whats a good way to clear up a soar throat?

 How many litres of water should you drink to replace lost sweat during the day?

 My room smells like sweat and it stinks whn i walk in how do i get rid of this smell?
my room smells bad how do i get rid of this smell and will i smell like my room whn i go ...

 I would like to grow taller. Can anybody recommend any pills, or medicine or maybe exercise?
I would like to hear from some body who has had result. I tried a product called HightMax, but I had no result. I purchase two of their bottle and followed the instruction religiously also and still ...

 Why is cranberry juice good 4 a uti?
i have a uti and ppl say cranberry juice is good 4 1 why?...

Are there any dangers of eating hemp seeds?

you might grow a pot plant in your tummy.

Susan Yarrawonga
The amount of THC (marijuana) in hemp seeds is negligible and it is mainly the hemp flowers that contain THC so hemp seeds are very safe and there are no dangers. In large amounts they have laxative effects. They have numerous health benefits such as lowering high cholesterol and high blood pressure and many others.

no. they are one of the most nutritious things you could ever eat. im serious too.

No. I eat them in cereal all the time.


I think it would be safe :) I haven't really heard of anything negative or positive happening from eating them. I have read that you can boil them and drink the tea, but it wont give you a high, or you could slightly saute them in virgin olive oil, they release a little bit of oil, let it cool and the olive oil with the seed oil can be used on your body and in childbirth :)

I've heard they're very healthy. I'm dairy intolerant and I use hemp nuts (which are the hulled seeds) to make hemp milk. Expensive but delicious! Makes a nice mochaccino or chai. :-)

Not at all, just a mouth full of seeds.

Anthony C
no there actually very good for you they contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain healthy human life

they dount have any thc in them to if your worry about that.

ND Farmer/ModernHemp
The only danger would be, if you were allergic to them.
(and this is very rare)
However, no hemp seed allergies have ever been reported.

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