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 How do I stop my RUNNY NOSE!?
My nose has been running CONSTANTLY, I mean dripping. I've used a whole role of toilet paper. ( Folding toilet paper up and letting it get soaked until it fully soaked. ) I don't want to go ...

 Itchy throat, itchy ear INSIDE! Is it allergies or not?
I think I have seasonal allergies or not? This just started like 2 days ago. why is my throat itching so much? My mom tried to teach me how to "scratch my throat" by making this weird sound....

 Any eye drops i could use to make my eyes less swollen?
like some i use in the morning and at night to make my eyes less swollen cause they become swollen when i wake up from sleeping....

 I got a red spot on my chest and back after i took vodka?

 Red eyes, stuffy runny nose, sore throat?
Part of both of my eyes have become reddish; I also have a sore throat, a cough, and a stuffy nose. The red eyes have been going on for about four or five days now, the last two symptoms for two days....

 What is a way to get an allergy free room??
I have allergies really bad. To where my skin breaks out in rashes for 6 months of the year. I really am working hard on getting my room to be as allergy free as possible. If you have any suggestions,...

 If i am allergic to whey but i dont know it can i take a test to see if i am allergic if so what kind of test?

 Allergy Headache?
I think I have a seriously bad allergy headache. I live in GA, where pollen count is REALLY high. The headache goes on and off, and my headache feels momentarily relieved after I take a shower. It ...

 Son broke out in rash 7days after starting amoxicillinwas it partof the virus or was itan allergic reaction?
my son is 18 months he was put on amoxicillin for a virus....7 days later he broke out in a horrible rash all over his body...his eyes became swollen and he was very itchy...it took 4 days for it to ...

 What is the best allergy medicine?

 Itchy, red, swollen eyes......???
ive had itchy,red,swollen eyes for the past week and eye drops dont even work for my eyes im taking medicine for allergies and its not working not even Zertec..... i sneeze all the time and my nose ...

 I woke up with a huge spider bite on my eyelid?
I woke up this morning with a huge spider bite on my eyelid should i put ice on it, or use benidryl??

help im very scared!!!...

 Allergic reaction to tattoos possible??
I had an incident with hair dye 3 years ago, I had quite a serious reaction and ended up in hospital, I already have 5 tattoos but havent had any more since the hair dye thing. I have spoken to a ...

 How do I take an inhaler properly??
when i take an inhaler I just put in up my mouth and push it, and they said it's not the proper way to do it~...

 Am I lactose-intolerent? Need Easy Help! If i drink milk will i still get calcium?
Please just answer the question and nothing more. I know you can get calcium from dark green vegetables but ya. I think i am lactose intolerant but am not sure because I can drink as much tea, milk ...

 Why are the insurance companies refusing sinus medication?
Ten years on sinus med. oops off the market, I've never felt so bad in the head....

 Why does my nose keep turning red ?
My nose has started turning bright red for no apparent reason
& feel like a build up of pressure in it. Can anyone help me find out what the problem is ?...

 Allergic Reaction to Miralax? What to do?
So I woke up this morning with a bad rash on my neck and my face is starting to get tight, like it is swelling up. I started taking Miralax this week and this is the only thing new I have put into my ...

 Why does my throat itch after eatting sweets?
whenever i drink some sweets like candy or chocolate or even gatorade kinda drinks my throat always iches afterwards, why is this.
Additional Details
*eat* lol)))))))))...

 Does anyone know why my nose is always stuffed?
For the past 11 months or so, I've been unable to breath correctly through my nose. It may be allergies but I am not sure. My symptoms are: Reduced ability to breath through my nose, waking up ...

Year-round coughing - any ideas?
heres the story: i've had this need to cough about every couple of minutes for a few years now, and it happens year-round so the idea of seasonal allergies is out of the question. i've gone to practically every different kind of nose/throat doctor and all of the pills/nasal sprays etc. have not worked in the slightest. if anyone has any kind of idea on what i can take that can completely stop this cough from coming back constantly, or has a recommendation of a doctor i can see that knows how to solve the issue please let me know ASAP.
Additional Details
**also im almost 16 and no one in my family smokes.

If you are not a smoker, don't have asthma or copd, there must be reason for the bronchial irritation. Your age is not included here but would be valuable in helping to make a determination.

It would be helpful if you would include any other symptoms you may have, sufficient for you to be aware of them. If there is no medical answer, then we have to look somewhere else for some reliable suggestions.

If the cough does not produce mucous, there is a possible suggestion of a problem. Is why other symptoms would be more than valuable, to make such a determination.

I had a friend who had something similar and her doctor's approach was allgergy treatments and also acid reflux treatment. If you've ever had acid reflux, it can present itself in a tickling cough, rather than a burning pain people talk about. It took a long time of trial and error with her doctor but I believe she is much better now that she treats both problems.

Hope that was a little helpful!

you can have allergies year round I know because I do. Id get an allergy test and see what exactly you might be allergic to.also it could be asthma,bronchitis, or just about anything go to an allergy asthma specialist and see what they say first. it could also be acid reflux like the other person stated.if you dont smoke and arent near smokers than it can be an allergy of some type maybe something where you live is triggering it. some triggers are molds,dust,animal hair,smoke,pollens,grasses,roach droppings,lady bugs, certain type of plants,etc. but you can have allergies year round also depending on where you live if its smoggy or damp all the time that can trigger it also.

Joey Michaels
Perhaps you are near smokers?

do you breath through your mouth mostly and is your house dusty? I have a similiar problem of a cough year round becasue of the environment I was in

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